Donnie McClurkin Interviews Steve Harvey, Cries Again So Touching


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  1. to Steve Harvey because of your statement about dreams for you people I’ve start a club at the high school call dream girls ( young ladies with a vision) we strated in Nov. 2010 and we now have 26 high school girls in our the dream girls club. we have rules and goals that we have promised to keep. They have written their goals to keep until graduation and to pursue.

  2. Gregory T Capers Avatar
    Gregory T Capers

    My my my my my my,,, what a moving experience of the AWESOMNESS of GOD. I thank God for eieng God all by himself and I thank GOD for the supernatural way that he has eased his way into the life of Bro. Steve Harvey. It just goes to show you that it does not matter how you start out,,, but how you end up!!!

    I feel that the hand of GOD was on Steve Harvey even during the times when the words that USED to come out of his mouth were not so pleasant!! But now that GOD has cleaned him out, and cleaned him up GOD cen get more glory out of that situation!!! God Bless You,,, Brother Harvey!!!!

  3. This was a very touching moment. To see the fangs that God has done is awesome. The way god used his mother to instill the word of god in him is incredible. Thank god for her and so happy for the joy he has now found… GOD BLESS

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