How Do You Beat The devil Out of Your Relationships

What’s your verb? What active steps have you taken to beat the devil out of your marriage, courtships or familial realtionships.

Many times people will give you a Bible scripture and say “Pray On It” but what else is there?  How did you re-establish trust after it had been broken.  How did you forgive the difficult? How did you move from frustration to elation?


We feel that because things go bad or are rough that that is not what is intended.  However what if it is to the contrary.  What if it means that is the person God designed for you and the devil is just on attack. How do you wrangle that sucka up and throw him out the door?

If you were successful in restoring an aching relationship, please answer the question.


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  1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

    Hello and Thank You for your comment. As people we deal with so many things and we feel that our relationships should be a place of refuge. It seems as though once that has been breached it is really difficult to put our worldly hurts. thoughts and reactions aside and continue to work towards restoration.

    At any rate, we have been by your site already. Good stuff, I thought I joined but perhaps I didn’t I will double check to be sure. Thanks for coming by, going to return the favor now.

    Be Blessed,

  2.  Avatar

    one way to get the enemy out of our relationships is to follow the instructions of the word of God, thatis number 1. agree to disagree and still maintain respect one for another
    2. Learn to speak to one another in love, 3) when rebuilding trust it takes two, the victimizer must take responsibilty for the seeds that he/she has sown and they must work from there. Practice learning how to love with a pure heart…we all have learned so many things that really are not God’s way of giving or receiving love. However, we all yearn for harmony, oneness and love. Check us out our blog at “,” True Hearts Marriage Covenant.

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