Deitrich Haddon – Don’t Leave Me (Blessed and Cursed Soundtrack)


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  1. Jacqueline holloway Avatar
    Jacqueline holloway

    Ur a amaxing fellow I admire u awhole lot how much u love jesus like me keep doing ur job its gonna pay off and u ready kmow….(smile)

  2. Julia Zahn Avatar
    Julia Zahn

    this song dont leave me now is my favorite right now! means so much to me since i recently have battled rejection from church members…anyhow not going there! lol i love the Lord and he has always brought me through tough times including the death of my son! God bless you brother for such a beautiful tune!! no wonder you experienced the religous elements in the church trying to hush you as they did me!! hallelujah we win!! 🙂

    1. Sorry to hear that you have run into problems with people in your church also of the passing of your son. Remember we go to church to serve God not man. He sees all and knows all. The church is full of cracked vessels as we all have our faults. I hope this does not deter you from working towards what God is trying to do in your life. God instructs us to love and pray for all including our enemies.

      Be Blessed and pursue peace

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