New Harvest – Just Clap


Going through the storm (just clap), going through the rain (just clap), because praise is your weapon and the devil is defeated! Even when you don’t feel like it because praise is your weapon against the enemy.

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  1. TOH

    I love this group’s new single! Just Clap “even when you don’t feel like it!”

  2. alfredo mendoza

    to whom ever reads this im trying to contact pastor eddie fuentes and his wife sister irene i use to go to their church in stanton california till i got deported back to my home country and i had a rough time and backslided i was a ne christian and was re baptized in a confrence in norwalk if anyone can get in contact with pastor eddie please give him my message my name is alfredo mendoza this is my email addres www. freddys thank and keep the good work up and pray for me god bless you all.

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