Ashmont Hill – Praise His Name (Live)


I guess it has turned into Youth Day on Online Fellowship today. It does my heart well to have come across so many videos with children and Young Adults singing and playing praises to God. They call our children so many negative things in the media, in the schools and some even in their own homes. It is refreshing to see that despite the worlds attempt to destroy our young ones minds they have a song of their own to sing to God. It should be inspiring to all of us, especially those of us who have children in school, to know that they are not the only ones out there. That while there are people who would want nothing more than to introduce them to bad, there are still other young people out there who are pressing towards the higher mark. Hopefully the ripple that they cause will have a positive effect on all they encounter.

Let’s all start a ripple!

Question: Do your children invite their friends (believers and/or non-believers) to Church? What came out of the visit? Were they allowed to attend?


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