Dodie Olsteen – Drive-Thru Healing at Lakewood Church and Thought

“He just said in my heart, why don’t you have a drive by healing service? And it’s the first one I’ve ever had. I didn’t know what would happen, but if one person comes that doesn’t matter. I’m doing what God told me to do,” said Dodie.
For Dodie, it’s personal. It goes back to 1981 when Lakewood, founded by her late husband, Pastor John Osteen, was growing into the church it is today. She was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and given a few weeks to live. She says she prayed without wavering for a full recovery. There was. She is now a vibrant 76 years old.
“I wish it wouldn’t have happened to me, but if it hadn’t I wonder if I could have helped other people. We don’t know why we go through things. We just have to trust God,” said Dodie.
She conducts a traditional healing service each month, recently adding one for children with medical issues. The drive service is for anyone too ill to attend those.”
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Thank God for her obedience to His word. I know first hand that god is a God of healing and that prayer works. Sometimes I feel as though we get so caught up into what we think “Church” should look like and how the choir should sound that we block out the voice of God directing us into his will.

I am also happy to see that this was done outside of the church itself. It was never intended for our good deeds to only be contained in the walls of the church. I pray that her prayer ministry for healing continues to grow and is blessed.

Be Blessed

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  1. hope marsh Avatar
    hope marsh

    Praying for Naseem to be healed of ashma.He is presently on his way to purdue hospital and I know God can heal him even before he gets there. We just know He has another plan for Naseem and he will live and not die. Amen!

  2. Dale ables Avatar
    Dale ables

    I ask you to join with this praying dad to believe for my precious daughter Gabrielle’s safety, deliverance and restoration.
     Please believe with me…
    – That the Lord is restoring a love for Jesus in her heart, with a desire to know Him, and a heart that yearns to please Him.
    – That every deception is pulled down off of her, and every bond of wickedness broken off of her life.  
    – That God is restoring and redeeming everything that the enemy has tried to spoil in her life. 
    – That God is keeping her safe, rescuing her, and bringing our darling Gabrielle home to love the Lord and to walk with us her family in the purposes of God. 
    – That God is destroying every plot of the devil, separating her from those that would be of evil intent.
    – That our Lord Jesus is sending into her life, anointed vessels prepared by the Lord, to be used in her restoration. 

    This dad refuses to let the enemy take that which hath been promised to me in Jesus Name. 
    … And declare that my daughter Gabrielle is returning with a supernatural love and desire for God. 

    I stand as the ‘prodigal’s father’ awaiting my precious darling return.

    Thank you for loving my wonderful daughter and joining with me in faith and prayer. From the heart of a praying and believing Dad.

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