Kirk Franklin and Friends – Are You Listening: A Love Song For Haiti (Video)

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27 responses to “Kirk Franklin and Friends – Are You Listening: A Love Song For Haiti (Video)”

  1. To Kirk Franklin and friends. In this song one can just feel the pain that our brothers and sisters in Haiti are feeling. But we know whom we seve and he is a God who does not give more than anyone can bear. We will continue to give and lift Haiti up in our prayers. God bless.

  2. god is allways there love is all around us

  3.  Avatar

    This song has really touched my HEART and yes I feel there pain.

    1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

      It is a touching song. I hope that the people of Haiti are receiving all the help they need in a timely fashion. As time goes by the less and less we hear. Keep them in your prayer and we will do the same.


      Also if you haven’t already please come back and join our site!

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    To Kirk Franklin and friends this is avery beautiful song and so timely, for all those that are suffering in Haiti. The Lord has given you justt he right song to record for this time. I listen to this song everyday, and it is a daily reminder of how Blessed we are here in the United states/ America. Please know that we are praying for and for Haiti. The Bless and keep you.
    In Christ love

  5. love this song butt i do not kno da words

  6. Ashley Cobb Avatar
    Ashley Cobb

    God’s going to bless you all!!!!

  7. Terry O. Avatar
    Terry O.

    When I heard this song, all I could do was sit quietly, watch and listen. I felt the pain, and yes I am listening. We are all brothers and sisters in the name of our saviour Jesus Christ, and one one, two or three, etc…, calls, We All Should Answer. Kirk Franklins life is a perfect example of what God can do!!!!! Kirk keep on keepin on. May god continue to bless you with uplifting songs. I will keep listening to all…

  8. The first time i heard this song was from BET Gospel i felt so touched. This is the most wonderful song i never heard before, the words are so appropriate. Mr. Kirk Franklin we the Haitians People are so greatful and thankful forwhat you and your friends had done for my country “HAITI”. I know this song ‘ll open many many hearts. Anytime i turned it on i couldn’t stop crying cause the words are so beautiful i felt like they’re piercing my heart. “Excelsior Mr. Franklin” May GOD bless you and your ministry.

  9. Tossia Jones Avatar
    Tossia Jones

    touching song

  10. Tweeet411 Avatar

    This is a beautiful and wonderful song.Kirk Franklin you really did an outstanding job.This song could not only be for haiti but also other storms ,but most importantly haiti. Even though I don’t know what you’re going through I can feel your sadness, pain, and anger. But all you need is hope and you’ll get through it all, no matter what.Have faith in GOD and you’ll make it. Because I believe you conquer anything if you got through that.God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (-:

  11. Angelique Avatar

    From the moment I heard this song… I wept.. I weep for all the people of Haiti.. all those who made through and all those who perished. As a mom I weep even more so for all parents who lost their children.. I wasnt there but I am here and I care and I feel your pain. This song not only help us to be able to feel what the Haitian went through but it also made us stop and cry out, it could have have been any one of us. We need to cryout from the debts of our soul in order for us to understand the hurting in Haiti and this song forces us to do that.. To all Haitians I say be Bless and be strong.. God’s got it all in control.

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    As a Haitian listening to this song..i feel as if there is people out there that still have a heart! After the earthquake in Haiti i have heard good, bad, and ignorant comments. This song is a boost if hope for all Haitians and on behalf of ALL HAITIANS!….Thank you..with all our hearts and may God Bless You!…

    1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

      It is a beautiful thing to see all of the support that has been given. We need to learn to foster this spirit of giving and appreciating life and supporting it at all times as Christians not only in times of disaster. Imagine what a world it would be if it were our priority to save lives and give medical attention and food daily as part of the condition of our existence.

  13. I am a Seventh-Day Adventist and most of my Haitian friends are also Seventh-Day Adventists also. This was a bad tragedy and i am glad about the way Obama is handling it. He is doing his best to make sure that aid is getting to Haiti at this time and my prayers are with everyone from Haiti.

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  15. Jermaine Stewart Avatar
    Jermaine Stewart

    Thank you so much Kirk and friends for this amazing song . I am a lover of gospel music and songs of love but more so the ones that reaches the heart and touches the soul and this is surely one of them. I am not a Haitian but I truly felt their pain, my prayers go all out for them. I know, I believe God heard their cries and felt their pain and will bring restoration to their country and not only that but also to their heart and soul. God bless always

  16. Maudey S. Avatar
    Maudey S.

    This song is touching, inspirational, and comforting all at the same time…. I mean I was so moved when I first listened to it… my eyes still well up with tears even after listening to it for like the thousandth time(in one day). To the composer of this remarkable song… I am VERY thankful. You don’t know how much this song means to my fellow Haitian brothers and sisters. To Mr. Kirk Franklin and fam, I felt your compassion in each note you sang…. I know that it’s coming from your hearts.( God Bless You). This song has and will continue to impact the people in Haiti, more the the earthquake that wiped out everything they ever had. Continue touching people’s live the way you do… ALL I CAN SAY IS THANKS A MILLION. I KNOW AND TRULY BELIEVE YOU HEARD THEIR CRY AND FEELS THE VICTIM’S PAIN AND THAT YOU TRULY CARE….

    1. thanx a lot kirk u such an anointed man… As for haitain God is still seated on the throne,,, he has a plan guys…. Hold on…. please

  17. Diarra Harris Avatar
    Diarra Harris

    This song had me in tears!!!!!!!! God bless you all. I really want to do something lyk this song, so I am goin to make mi dream come true

  18. Jovanna Wade Avatar
    Jovanna Wade

    I’m not a haitian but I do know who it feels to loose a love one…..I feel your pain

  19. kenneth rankin Avatar
    kenneth rankin

    very moving video.i whould love to who all are singing in this video.

  20. Sherley Joseph Avatar
    Sherley Joseph

    Wow!!! I just want to say Thank You to all of you who agreed to participate in this project and thanks to Kirk for this beautiful humanitarian work. First time I watched the video on facebook posted by my friend, tears couldn’t stop rolling and I started praising his name. Yes!!! I played it for my grand mother she was so amazed and happy knowing that we haitians are not spiritually by ourselves. the smiled on her face says it all. She mentioned how happy she was, rejoicing to see all of her favorite Gospel Babies united like that for us haitians.Happy to have this whole other family and friends by our sides. God is good and he will continue to pour his blessings upon you all. I love you dearly. Currently working on a little project myself and that is to perform this song at my church in two weeks, hope i do it well…lol!!! Thank you all once again. Keep up the good work i know its not easy but our God is with us always. Blessinggzzzz!!!!

  21. Claire Jean Avatar
    Claire Jean

    Thank you sis!!!

  22. Claire Jean Avatar
    Claire Jean

    As a Haitian listening to this song brings joy to my heart knowing that we have so many people praying and hurting with us, its very overwhelming.. I love this song, I spend the whole day listening to this song crying, tears were unstoppable . Is there anybody out that's listening and does anybody knows my name. No my friend we were not there but we here and we care and yes we feel your pain. Kirk Franklin you amazed me very very very much. And thank you for this song. I can't wait to call my mom and my sisters in Haiti and play this song for them while I translate for them. Please continue to pray and DONATE please. we still need you guys help and prayers. God Bless you all!!!

    1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

      Please know that our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and country. Not just now but for the long haul. We are trying to do what we can to keep awareness up for continued help.

      You are correct the song is truly a blessing and there are countless amounts of people praying for Haiti.

      Thank you for your comment. It is my belief that your sincerity will touch someone and they will become givers as well.

      Be Blessed and please come by and comment, ask for prayer, or get a word whenever you feel the need.

      I pray that your family is doing well and will continue to be safe and provided for.

      Your Sister In Christ.

    2. love joshua Avatar
      love joshua

      I love this song

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