The Stellar Awards February 28, 2010 Moves to a New Channel

Just wanted to share the information regarding this year’s Stellar Awards. As many of you may have heard Hezekiah Walker walked away with several  awards, as did Mary Mary. Here is the air date information, in case you have to watch your awards shows from the comfort of your own home, like me.

“The Stellar Awards, the premier gospel event that recognizes and honors gospel artists, will be seen only on Gospel Music Channel February 28! Gospel Music Channel has become the number-one television destination for gospel music fans so it is fitting that The Stellars will now be seen on GMC,” said Don Jackson, CCP CEO and Stellar Awards executive producer. “Gospel Music Channel’s amazing growth will help make The Stellar Awards more accessible to more viewers around the country. We look forward to the Stellars’ presence on GMC year round.

The 25th Annual Awards were held Saturday, January 16 at the historic Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tenn., and will air on February 28 on GMC!”

Congrats to all the Nominees, Winners and Performers can’t wait to see you!


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  1. I too would love to see the Stellar Awards, but do not have cable. This is the first year I have missed it since it’s beginning of airing on regular TV. I heard that it was the best yet. Too bad, many of us missed it, looking for it on BET or TVOne.

  2. Seriouslaidee Avatar

    After thinking I had the wrong date and time I realized it wasn’t showing on any cable stations that I had. I was kinda upset due to the fact that I enjoy the awards and the ministry that it brings. It was very poorly advertised and should be on a channel that most people can get. You never know if there is someone out there that does not know Christ that one song or word thats played might touch them.

  3. RiverAngel42 Avatar

    We just did an update and hope this provides more detailed information for each of you. Also, we do not post emails on our site unless someone provides it in their actual comment. Thank you all for stopping by and I hope it helps.

  4. Sandra Harper Avatar
    Sandra Harper

    This is very poorly advertised each year by radio and TV networks and MANY gospel music lovers, like myself, often miss this wonderful program. I wish you would do a much better job getting the word out through various mediums, in particular gospel radio stations. I would prefer that you omit my email address when you post my comment.

  5. I would also like to know where else I can view the Stellar Awards if I dont have access to the Gospel Music Channel?

  6. How to find (NON-CABLE AND CABLE) television broadcast of the 2010 stellar awards for the following local areas?
    Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Miami, Florida; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Dallas, Texas; Mobile, Alabama
    Please list NON-CABLE AND CABLE television broadcast

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