Jesus Is On The Main Line Or At Least The iPhone

Ok! I am what many would consider a late adapter. So phrases like “There’s an app for that” usually accompany a conversation between myself and my 14 year old daughter about what an “app” means and does and what “that”  are they talking about. Well now there’s a new app that can be bought at the app store and the “that” is for Prayer.

That’s right, according to the developers “A Prayer For Loved Ones is a simple app that allows you to add the names of all of your loved ones and then generate specific prayers for each of them. You can also email any custom prayer directly to your loved ones to let them know that you are keeping them in prayer.” Interesting.

I will say this, I’m not sure what to think of this app just yet. However I hope that it does not take the place of your own personal prayer time.
[ad] So, does any one have this app?
Well, what do you think, any iPhone users planning on grabbing this app in the near future?
What are your thoughts?

Gives a whole new spin to the song, Jesus Is On The Main Line!


2 responses to “Jesus Is On The Main Line Or At Least The iPhone”

  1. I don't why I have isssues with religion and technology , still can't watch mass on tv whether it's an evangelist or the Pope, the most I can handle is goggling a specific bible verse So I find it in the Bible lol I don't know if I'm ready for a Jesus app, I like contacting him old school. I really hopehe dosent start twittering that would totally freak me out

  2. I agree Sils, actually I am kind of torn on this one. While my concern would be the idea of someone substituting this for taking the time to humble themselves in prayer. I also feel that we are so bombarded with negative influences throughout the day that a reminder that someone is praying for me would probably be a bright spot in my day. In addition I can't see the harm in being reminded/or to stay prayerful through out the day.

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