Bishop Eddie Long – How Do You See Jesus? 2



2 responses to “Bishop Eddie Long – How Do You See Jesus? 2”

  1. we are thankful as your ministry has tremendously blessed us. also pray JESUS blesses our finances, we are battling against occult witchcraft.

  2. please pray for dad-james t hall-JESUS gives him wisdom-concerning his bisexual girlfriend-he kicks her out permantly. also pray for us doug and rose hall JESUS gives us a good car, too. bldg for our church meetings. also pray JESUS restores our kids back to us in person. also pray for us every day-please we have been battling against devil, and his people. we show them love, how ever not every body wants to be saved. please pray for dad-JAMES T hall-he accepts JESUS as his personal savior and lord. please pray tammy wilson moves out and goes to prison, for her crimes-she hates JESUS.

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