Happy Birthday Jesus Party for Children (Game)

As many of us know the internet is a powerful tool used to send all types of messages to several people on a daily basis.  Even our children from a young age are now computer savvy enough to find games and sites that interest them.

Well here is an interactive site that allows children to play and learn the true meaning of Christmas the game is called “Happy Birthday Jesus“.  So far I have gone as far as to register our children, there is a person there who welcomes them into the site and instructs them to play a game until the next session starts (They start half past every hour). For safety reason the instructor can not see your chidren but they will call them by whatever name you place in the screen.  Each family will go through a week-long program that culminates in a birthday party.

We will try it out a little later and give you an update, but I just wanted to spread the word.


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  1. i agree i think that online games are a fantastic way to get a message out there, especially to the younger audience! Health is an important issue that many younger children dont know much about, this site, http://www.childrenfirst.nhs.uk/teens/health/getfitgame/ , allows them to play a game while learn about health and the rest of the site has lots of comprehensible information on eating well and staying fit.

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