Hezekiah Walker feat. Marvin Sapp- God Favors Me Live (Video, Lyrics and mp3 download)


God Favors Me Lyrics

This is my testimony everybody, how God favored me inspite
of my enemies, and if God did it for me he'll do the
samething for you. Don't worry about your haters your haters
can't do nothing with you. Listen to these words

Verse 1
Love is patient, caring. Love is Kind. Love is felt most when
it's genuine, but I've had my share of love, abuse,manipulated
and it's strength misued, and I can't help but give you glory
when I think about my story, and I know you favored me
because my enemies did try but couldn't triumph over me
Yes they did try but couldn't triumph over me.

I'm still here, I'm still alive, I'm still blessed, on my way to
my destiny, because the favor of God is on my life. Let me
tell you about love.

Verse 2
Love is patient, caring. Love is Kind. Love is felt most when
it's genuine, but I had my share of love, abuse,manipulated
and it's strength misued, and I can't help but give you glory,
when I think about my story, and I know you favored me
because my enemies did try but couldn't triumph over me
Yes they did try but couldn't triumph over me.

Verse 3
They whispered, conspired, they told their lies (God favors me)
My character, my integrity, my faith in God (He favors me)
Will not fall, will not bend, wont comprimise(God favors me)
I speak life and prosperity and I speak health (God favors me)
Repeat 2x

Say Yes (Yes), Yes (Yes), Yes (Yes) God favors me
Say Yes (Yes), Yes (Yes), Say Yes (Yes) God favors me (God favors me)
Repeat 2x

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46 responses to “Hezekiah Walker feat. Marvin Sapp- God Favors Me Live (Video, Lyrics and mp3 download)”

  1. Douglas E Brown Avatar
    Douglas E Brown

    Im a Homeless Honkey, but i love the
    Every Praise Video,
    Would you consider, emailing me this Awesome Video ?

  2. Senu john Avatar
    Senu john

    Du courage,que dieu vous benise,bon travaille,j’aime la chanson parce qu’il parle à faveur,Dieu me faveur et Dieu vous faveur aussi,franchement parlement,vous essayez,merci,i just felt like writing to you in french

  3. Lisa McQueen Avatar
    Lisa McQueen

    I Love this song it has truly blessed me over and over againl. I can’t stop listening to it. I no I have favor over my life since I was a little girl God has blessed me and my life. Thank you Mr. Walker.

  4. I love this song because the first day i listen to this song . I received a huge favor from someone. I can’t stop listening to this song.

  5. Busi Mashishi Avatar
    Busi Mashishi

    Today I was in a dark place. I listened to this song over & over again. I know that God loves me & he has favoured me. Thank u for such beautiful words.

  6. quinton campbell Avatar
    quinton campbell


  7. Troubled in The Islands Avatar
    Troubled in The Islands

    A co-worker told me to listen to this song and I am so glad I did. I am struggling with my family who are taking from me. They have used me, abused me and tried to mess with my integrity. They are walking about talking bad about me, when they are the ones who made a promise, had me spend money to fix our family property and left me holding the bag.

    What really got me is today, I turned on this song to listen to it (felt it was the spirit), and as I was my sibling was in my yard, trying to turn my husband’s family against me. Attacking my character, attacking me, but my in-law-told him, to get off his property. Told him, if he don’t pay me my money, he is going to sue him. God was in my side. God favours me! Praise the Lord. Deep. Deep Deep.

    1. God is always on our side! Have faith and stand on that.
      Be Blessed

      1. Troubled in The Islands Avatar
        Troubled in The Islands

        Thank you for your words of encouragement. Needed it.!

  8.  Avatar

    Very inspirational song. Really helped me a lot when persons wanted to bring me down and dig dirt on me. Knowing that God is there for each and everyone of us.

    Annette R. Greaves

    1. Anonymous Avatar

      i jus dnt knw everytime i hear this song i want to cry this song as changed my life in so many ways i will listen to it fr more than a hundred times and i will still love like it

  9. Sis. Caroline Jones Avatar
    Sis. Caroline Jones

    Priase our God!!! this song is to everyone that has gone through anything or any kind of test; just keep on praising God through it no matter what!!!.my mother told me something right before she died; she said, keep on loving, no matter what people do or say, Just keep on loving. I encourage you all to remember God said no weapom formed against you shall prosper.(Trust him), he knows the plans and thoughts he has for your life ,of peace and not of evil. (read Jer. 29: 11) and May God Bless and keep you!!!!!!

  10. Ooooooooooo Bless the name of JESUS! God favor me……….., has been such a soul delivering song, when I feel like throwing in the towel I began to hear GOD FAVOR ME!! When u have the favor of GOD it is fear because its ur time to get ALL THE BLESSINGS FROM ALL THE MESS U BEEN THROUGH, THE LIES, RUMORS, FASELY ACCUSED, FEELING ALL BY URSELF, it is GOD’S favor for U.

  11. Monica Is Blessed Vaughn Avatar
    Monica Is Blessed Vaughn

    Truly amazing and inspiring!!!!!!!!

  12. Diane Williams-Joliet Avatar
    Diane Williams-Joliet

    Oh my Goodness! this song is so…I can’t explain it! Just as the song said “Lord, whatever you’re doing in the season”, I know God had to favor me! I love Him!

  13. Sherrice Avatar

    I just want to say this song is incredible. The right words at the right time. Anointed and blessing. I listen to this song everyday at least three times. I found favor. I got it. I love you guys for this song. May God continue to bless you to be a blessing. You are a blessing to me. I love all of your songs. God bless!

  14. This is truly my story, there’s not a time when I hear this song that I know I have God”s Favor on my life. On Sept 17, 2010, I will be marrying a wonderful man of God and this is the song I’ve chosen to walk by. I want the people (unsaved) to know if he did for me he can do it for you. God Bless You Hezekiah and all those that participated in getting Gods Word out through this song.

  15. Life is such a struggle right now – physically, emotionally, psychologically exhausted. Worst financial situation facing us in years, work is a challenge – just in a bad place. Jumped into the car today with an attitude, late to a meeting, was riding in silence just thinking about my situation was making me feel worse. I didn’t feel like listening to music but my spirit said turn on the radio. I did and “God Favored Me” was on the refrain “They whispered, told lies, my character, my integrity, etc…” This song spoke to my spirit, to the core of my situation and was so uplifting and healing. By the time I got to my destination, my spirit was renewed because I was reminded that god honors faithfulness. He indeed favors those who seek him first. Thank you for your ministry and for recording this inspirational message.

    1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

      Thank you for coming by Lena. I could not agree with you more. Yesterday I was led to Psalm 28 and when I read it I had to think about who David was, the things he had done and how even though he was a King and a warrior he too humbled himself to God and cried out to hear Him lest he fall. To guide him, the one in a position of leadership. What is great is that you heard you listened and you obeyed. Be Blessed

  16. Helen Avatar

    This song is truly amazing. I heard it a time when some people around me (neighbors) developed this hatred for me. i have the assurance that God Favors me. Thanks for the words in this song. Mau God bless.

  17. vickey Avatar

    i love dis song….

  18. Darius B. Avatar
    Darius B.

    This song has been the most inspirational and heart felt song that I have had the pleasure of listening to for the past few months as I was serving prison time for driving charges and this song just uplifted me and let me know that god has and will always be there for me in my best and worst of times. So I just say Thank you God for keeping me in you favor. Thank You

  19. Jennifer Avatar

    I just love it!!!!!

  20. Ms. Tee Avatar
    Ms. Tee

    Hi my name is Ms. Tee. And I’ve been lied on however, when I hear this song my spirits are lifted. I just love the words to this song so much that i made it my answer, and ringtone. To God be the Glory, and God Bless you Pastor Hezekiah Walker. Because I feel that God Favored You and Me.

  21. Patricia C. Jones Avatar
    Patricia C. Jones

    That is so very right River Angel142, thank you for the message. You do get tempted sometime when evil is all around. Iknow without a doubt in my mine I have to go through it for JESUS. He will bring me out of it just becaause of what he already dont. When I were a little lap! From A-Z He is a ABLE! GOD who send his only son into the world to die for all our sins in hope that we ture from our sins and sin no more. He could put Jesus in a tree and noone would have known where He came. Thank God for Jesus. It a good thing that he use people like you. Who can feel what others are going through and give them an encouraging. To hold ONE! HELP IS ON THE WAY!
    God Bless

  22. RiverAngel42 Avatar

    That’s right! At times we can become tempted to change who we are or to step out of character because of what others might say to us or think of it. However we were given a guide book as to how we are to behave and treat others. God’s favor at the beginning, end and middle of the day is all we need, He will take care of the rest.

  23. Zipporah Avatar

    I’m so glad for his favor because they whispered, conspired, they told their lies (God favors me)
    My character, my integrity, my faith in God (He favors me)
    Will not fall, will not bend, wont comprimise(God favors me)
    I speak life and prosperity and I speak health (God favors me)
    So glad that I shall not give in because of His Favor is Greater than Man! They can’t stop me or block me because he covers me!

  24. Rahquetta Hubbert Avatar
    Rahquetta Hubbert

    i am thankful b/c of God favors Me every since dis song came out i havent stop listenin to but im glad dat pastor hezekiah walker came up with dis song cause my God got a call on all of our lives although we do wat we want but I love THE LORD TO THE FULLEST CAUSE I KNOW IT WASNT NOBODY BUT HIM WHO DID IT N FAVOR ME and this song truly touches mi heart cause it has meanin behind it

  25. Jo Byrd Avatar
    Jo Byrd

    AWESOME, I tell ya!!!!!!!!!

  26. Patricia C. Jones Avatar
    Patricia C. Jones

    I just love this song’ God had me in mine when he put this song on Rev.Hezekiah heart! Thank you so very much.
    God bless

  27. I believe that god Favors Me

  28. God favors me! Great powerful inspiration song my favorites, just love this song. It has so many meanings.

  29. this bsong is awesome it help with everything ur going through

  30. this song is very beautiful and meaningul i love it!!!!!

  31. Praises to God, It’s a Sunday afternoon, I’m at work,,, just heard this song on the radio, What a Blessing it is to me, it truly touched my heart, thanks you Pastor Hezekiah for sharing what God has given you,,,, God Bless You

  32. Neomi Nevilles Avatar
    Neomi Nevilles

    God favor me!! Thank you Jesus!

  33. CatherineOtis Avatar

    This song is really inspirational, it give people hope and faith that God is here with us, and he is fighting our battles, God has our back, that is what this song is about.

    Thank You Jesus, You Favor Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I heard this song for the first time and it was anointed ,i had to have it replayed, so that i could her it again.

  35. Pastor Edith J. Patterson-Payne Avatar
    Pastor Edith J. Patterson-Payne

    Amazing! and so Anointed!!! Truly blessed my spirit and lifted me up in this season of my life! Praise the Lord for your ministry and your witness……..I will surely keep you in my prayers.
    Pastor Payne

  36. I LOVE THIS SONG and it almost made me burst out into tears all them ppl that is doing all that bad stuff need to get saved and listen to this song and they will be like why did i do that

  37. Oh my god I love this song it is 1 of my most favorite songs out of gospel songs.

  38. Detrick Lester Avatar
    Detrick Lester

    Oh my God, I almost couldn’t contain myself at work because of the Spirit in my soul cries out, “Halelujah”! This song was playing on a local radio station and it ministered to my heart, mind, body and soul. The Comforter has a way of showing up right on time.

    but God…

  39. RiverAngel42 Avatar

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Glad we could provide it for you.

  40. tyrus gordon-young Avatar
    tyrus gordon-young

    Absouloutly amazing, inspiring i love this

  41. Melissa Avatar

    Can you please email me this video please please please.

  42. Antoinette Wright Avatar
    Antoinette Wright

    Again I must write to you and say keep doing what you’re doing. The song He Favored me truly blessed me today. I don’t know how many times I played it today I do know that God favored me. I trust in God and I know that his favor is on my life.
    I do have on favor would you please check the artist because some of them do not play thank you and be Blessed. Continue to do what you are doing.

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