Fred Hammond ft. John P. Kee – They That Wait (Video, MP3 and Lyrics)

They That Wait Lyrics

They that wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength
They shall mount up on wings just like an eagle at soar
They shall run and not be weary
They shall walk and never faint they that wait on the Lord
And I say wait on the Lord

Hold on a little while longer
Here’s what you got to do
Trust and believe my friend
He’ll work it out for you
One thing you must remember
My God is able and He cares for you
He cares for you

Wait on the Lord and he will come through
Wait on the Lord he will answer you
Wait on the Lord and he won’t be long
Wait on the Lord he’s going to work for…
(Start at top)
[ad] (John p kee ad libs)

Hold on a little while longer

hold on, hold on (4x’s)

Don’t give up 3x’s

Wait on Him (10x’s)


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4 responses to “Fred Hammond ft. John P. Kee – They That Wait (Video, MP3 and Lyrics)”

  1. this is one of the most inspiring songs i have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BISHOP JAMES Avatar

    DEAR my


    1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

      All the words for the choirs parts are there. It is sometimes difficult to catch all the words to an ad-lib bc it is just that an ad-lib. Fred Hammond and John P Kee are both two of the best in gospel for their ability to do so.

      Speaking of thinking, I have been into the musical ministry for a very long time and I can remember back before computers, CDs and MP3s etc when my mother (who was the piano player for our choir and I, the directress) would sit by the radio all day Saturday morning with an envelope and pencil or whatever we could find to write on or with to get the words of a song to teach to the choir that afternoon. We would each take a stanza until we got the entire song down. Sometimes it would take two Saturdays instead of one. However, as long as we could catch the words on the radio, we could get the words, thus teach it to the choir. Boy was I happy when I got a tape recorder 🙂

      Now that might not be the route you want to take however, we more than welcome your students to come to the site and listen to the song as many times as needed. As well some people who sing lead, from my experience, like having the freedom to let the spirit move them into their own ad-lib.

      Be Blessed

      Also, the arrangement they did at the BET Gospel Celebration was really good and covered the fact that John P. Kee wasn’t there. I enjoyed it, however it seems to have received mixed reviews from other visitors. I would love to know what you think. Click on BET Celebration on the right side to find the arrangement or search Fred Hammond BET on the search bar at the top of the page.

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