This is a letter from Minister Anthony J. Cox to whomever takes heed!!

To those of you who are single or married, saved or not saved, this is for you. I am a 35-year-old African American or Black brother dying of Aids. I would like to share my testimony with you.

I am an owner of a Mortgage Company in Atlanta , GA. I own a 2007 Jaguar and I also own a $350,000 beautiful home in Cobb County . I have a beautiful Lady who is deeply in love with me and a loving family. But most important, I have Jesus, this is just a wake up call to all single brothers and sisters who are professing to be Christians, but don’t want to be complete. Brothers, I had a beautiful young lady who loves the Lord and worships the ground I walk on. But I still wasn’t quite happy because sometimes I would see another sister with a Coca-Cola bottle shape and just wanted to hit it. Because I was using a condom, I thought that I wouldn’t catch the killer ‘AIDS’ but guess what? I did. And the person I caught it from was a girl that I knew well. But the condom came off and now I am dying of AIDS. Yes, I wore a condom. But yes it did happen. God gives us time after time to straighten our lives up. I do know the Lord in the pardon of my sins. I’ve been saved now for 7 years. I found out 7 months ago that I had the virus, and now I have full-blown Aids. I really didn’t think that I was doing anything wrong, because I would t ell the women who I would deal with about the woman I love. I thought that was good enough. But it wasn’t. I am a good man and also a God-fearing man; but my weakness was women… I really wasn’t out there like you may think I was, but every once and a while I would see something I wanted to try. My girlfriend is a praying woman. I know now that she was intimate with me because she loved me and she wanted to make me happy. Now I’ve given AIDS to the woman I love (who has been faithful to me) because of lust.
[ad] Brothers and sisters, what I am telling you is that God is tired of us hurting each other and using each other for self-gratification. God has given me my home, my dream car and a beautiful woman and I took it all for granted. I’ve been tithing for 7 years. I am the chairman of my Deacon Board. But when I told my Pastor I had AIDS, he could not believe it because of the way I would carry myself. Brothers, If you have a sister who loves the Lord and who loves you for who you are and not for what you look like and not for what you have, cherish her. Sisters. If you have a brother who loves the Lord, love him and cherish him. My life has been altered. I’ve been with my lady since I was 20, and I’ve always used my young age as an excuse for not being loyal and not settling down with the woman I loved. I was being a hypocrite thinking that I was missing something, and not realizing that I had a good woman who loved and adored me. I wish I had been a real man and had appreciated the good woman God had sent me by not making excuses and dedicating my life to her. I would love to travel and marry this beautiful young Lady, but now I can’t. I’ve embarrassed my family, my church and my friends. But I was hardheaded and now I must suffer. God is cleaning up. Stop playing with God. God is revealing the secrets of us Christians. Brothers and sisters, we don’t have to have so many ‘friends,’ you know what we call them. The
ones we are planning to sleep with but haven’t yet.’ We often say that we don’t want anyone to know our business, but God is about to reveal somethings. Especially to us young people. We think so carnal. But we say that we have been transformed. We have been transformed from what we want to be transformed from. Let’s be real. God knows that the opposite sex attracts us. And he knows the desires we have for each other, but we don’t have to have multiple partners.

If I could do it all over again, I would marry the woman I love and live happy forever. But now I can’t! But you can! Singles…I gotta tell you, it’s not worth it. I love you all Get rid of casual sex. This is really deep. After you’ve read this, think about yourself. Could this have been you? Some of you may not relate, but think about anything you are doing right now that is not of God. We are living in the last and final days, and pretending to be saved is not going to cut it. Professing that He is Lord, and yet worshipping the devil every chance you get will lead you to the same path as me. Get your mind out of the gutter and put it in the Word of God and you’ll have great success. Don’t and you’ll have great woe. I love the LORD and thank Him for all that He does in my life; therefore, I’m passing this on. Yes, I do love Je sus who has forgiven me of the repeated sins. That forgiveness does not cancel out the consequences, at least not so far. But that’s o n me. Still, the Lord is my source of existence and Savior. He keeps me functioning each day and is letting me share my story with you.

I’m telling it like it is THIS REALLY is to help somebody. Without Him, I will be nothing. Without Him, I am nothing but with Him I can do all things. Phil 4:13

If you love Jesus, send this to lots of people!!!!!! Be Positive – Be Progressive…Take the time to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Minister Anthony J. Cox

God Bless


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  1. Lerato Moeng Avatar
    Lerato Moeng

    You are already blessed Anthony regardless of what you said, it does not mean people should scrutinize the terms of the letter but to get the message to take care of themselves. It does not matter if it is true or not but the point is take care of yourselves and be wary of your actions.
    Take it or leave it, it’s your choice.

  2. M.K. Isaac Avatar
    M.K. Isaac

    Bla, Bla, Blah. It is rather late to profess his undying love for his faithful girlfriend, isn’t it?

    I also don’t buy his claims about how he caught HIV. The “condom came off” is a tired excuse that people who don’t want to take responsibility tend to lurch on to. By his own admission, he couldn’t keep his pants zipped (where was the Jesus he now claims undying devotion to at the time?) and the more plausible story is that he kept on having unprotected sex with every hussy that caught his eye. But that would be an admission too far so he goes for the convenient excuse.

    It also points to the insincerity of the man to try and suggest that he got HIV from the woman – whereas of course there is every possibility he was the one carrying HIV and spreading it around as he did his sex rounds. The fact that he was diagnosed with Aids so quickly after testing shows that he was always carrying HIV but just didn’t know it; it takes anywhere from 1-5 years for one’s status to develop from HIV to Aids. Someone also needs to educate this Minister Cox that you either have Aids or you are HIV positive, and that there is no such thing as half-blown Aids so it is anachronistic to talk about full blow Aids.

    This man’s message would be relevant if he were asking other ‘brothers’ to get tested and curb their doggy ways. But, no, he seems to think that it still about him … telling us how he would do things differently if he had the chance as if that has any meaning or relevance now.

    Sorry! This guy’s testimony doesn’t impress me one bit.

    And that is my two cents’ worth of sharing.

  3. RiverAngel42 Avatar

    Thank you Sister for your comment. I am glad that you stopped by and shared your experience with us. Hopefully people will read your message and take heed to what you are saying. If you ever want to share more of your story please feel free to came back and express yourself.

    Thank God that you are feeling well. I pray that your health remains good.

    Yours in Christ,

  4. I guess this is for real, I am HIV Positive and wish to send a message to my coleagues friends and the whole world. I am pretty sister, and to tell you I am getting beautiful everyday. Man pay me compliments and family and friends, but I just wish to cream out ” I am hiv+ for goodness sake” but I am thankful to the one above, I am so healthy and strong, I wish to show people that having hiv doesnt mean that you are dying.

  5. Beri Lukong Avatar
    Beri Lukong

    i just got this message today. whatever the situation whether real or not i think it is a call for concern for all of us to re-examine our lives. Many people are compromising the Gospel alot these days. God bless you all

  6. Cest Moi Avatar
    Cest Moi

    Ha ha Pastor Sanusi, if he has been able to talk about his disease openly, how can your advice be so personal? Makes me curious as to what this might be……mmmmmmmmmmm???


    I have some personal advise for Minister Anthony.
    Because of its confidential nature, please contact me by email
    God will make a way for you
    He is the God of second chance

  8. kimberly Avatar


  9. Wayne Avatar

    I just received this in my email. But after doing some searching I found the same letter in a blog entry from October 2006. So if its real its real old in internet terms.

  10. segun Avatar

    is this real? or just a make-believe message?

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