Joyce Meyer – Seven Hindrances to Prayer (Video)


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  1. sonia says:

    high deposit bonus microgaming casinos without riskthis sonia from india my husband name is Harpreet singh we both get love married last 2 yrs and my husband never tell to his papa mom my husband get 2nd married his wife name is Nirmal after 1 month i wanted know this he telling me lie and i;m very much upset and crying and prayer to god why this happening with me and i took fast 4 to 5 time and i pray to god after some day Nirmal exe husband calling me and he tell me everthing about nirmal andhis life nirmal exe husband name is malkeet after that i told my husband harpreet that nirmal alredy had a exe husband he talk to mr. malkeet but my husband harpreet he love so much to nirmal not to me my husband he wanted to separate with me he very much hurting me pls pray for me so that my husband will change and come to my life pls pray that not to separate with me god will do miracle harpreet life pls pls pray for me and harpreet


  2. Amanda says:

    God loves you and has a plan for your future. Enjoy your life regardless of what your husband chooses to do. Be happy and know that God is in control of your life.
    God bless you.

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