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Forever Jones – Heaven (Video, Live and MP3 Download)

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RiverAngel42 Thoughts

Thought of the Day: For Those Who Think They Have It All (Revelations 3:17)

IF you look at the news lately many people are concerned with protecting what they have. I speak mainly of the rich. They argue with the policies of a President that we the people elected. They want greater tax breaks and less help for those in need. They feel as though they have made it […]

Prayer Request

Update- When You Can’t Pray Enough, Ask Others To Pray With You – On Behalf of Shaniya Nicole Davis 5 yrs. old

[ad] Thank you for sending this around and most importantly your prayers. Not in the way that we had hoped, but they found little Shaniya. Glad they found her because she didn’t deserve to be where they left her, the way they did. Her body is reunited with her family her Spirit with God. Prayers […]