Take The Mask Off: A Conversation About Mental Health

Faith leaders just like you through this this Learning Hub you will gain access

16:31to an array of resources including expert courses informative videos and

16:37engaging activities that aim to deepen your understanding of mental health and

16:42emotional well-being help you strengthen your own mental health and impact your

16:48community for the good according to research completed by the Ad Council about 50% of the population site having

16:55a mental health condition and less than half are engaged in getting helped speaking directly to Faith leaders we

17:02realized that pastors youth pastors deacons priests and lay leaders are

17:07often the first point of contact for individuals seeking help and we wanted to provide them with the resources and

17:13tools they need first to support their own mental health to better support their congregants and communities how

17:19are you today and what do we say too blessed to be stressed all right I’m blessed and highly favored however while

17:27people may feel blessed they could indeed feel very stressed God

17:33reminds us that whatever you can’t take a rest from you are ultimately a slave

17:38too you can’t pour into other people’s cup if yours is empty what if God cares

17:43more about who you are becoming than what you are accomplishing mental health

17:48professionals are healers that God uses to help restore our minds to wholeness

17:54together let us break the stigma around Mental Health and create a space for our

18:00congregations to thrive both spiritually and emotionally this Learning Hub is

18:06brought to you by the Ad Council Huntsman Mental Health Institute and


18:22Partnerships awesome awesome listen take a moment to register uh share it with

18:27others we’ll be talking about throughout the night it’s a rich resource that you can take advantage of at your own pace

18:33and it is completely free 


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