Who Changed The Sabbath?

let’s be clear that Sunday is not the new Sabbath I want to make that clear because some some Christians even that

11:09 they think Sunday is the new Sabbath and and there are a lot of people uh who who

11:14 think that Constantine changed the day and there were some things that took place in history but people who know

11:20 their uh Biblical history know that the first day of the week uh worship uh

11:26 began way before Constantine so I always question a person’s scholarship when they start hollering Constantine and

11:33 Pastor Johnson didn’t do that I’m just saying in general that’s one of the uh the the the complaints a lot of times

11:40 from the Israelite Community y’all let Constantine change the day no this was way before Constantine Point number two

11:46so so I want to make clear that the Sabbath was not changed like the Sunday is not the new Sabbath his Sabbath is

11:52still the Sabbath today it’s the same it’s the same seventh day the Sabbath is

11:58the seventh day now nobody called Bruce yet was Bruce on the

12:05scene most excellent y’all see what most excellent said since nobody answered ban

12:10I assume you’re referring to the anti-asian fathers anti meaning before

12:16if I remember correctly before nasia the group of fathers are known as the

12:22anti-an church fathers um we gonna let Pastor Mike

12:29answer this and we’re going to see where everybody was at good to see you ELD Johnson that’s a different ELD Johnson

12:35right that’s my ELD Johnson sister Taylor Grace and peace it never changed right now the

12:44what what change though is the law is in that we are no longer under the Covenant

12:50of the of Mount Si we’re under the New Covenant and under the New Covenant we

12:57were not command commanded to legalistically or religiously follow any

13:04said day right because uh Romans 14 helps us understand that uh he that

13:10observes the day observes it to the Lord he that does not observe the day to the Lord he observes it not right there are

13:17some people uh in Colossians chapter number two it is clear let no man judge you in respect of feast holy days new

13:26moons or shabbats or sabbaths right these things are clear in scripture so

13:31so we don’t this is why a true Born Again believing Christian we don’t get involved in condemning a person who

13:37wants to keep the Shabbat I believe Pastor Johnson has a service on the Shabbat I say amen I would come and sit

13:43in the service in Fellowship God is good every day right he’s good every and he deserves worship

13:49every day most times I’m in church sometimes I’m in church on Saturdays right Sundays sometimes Monday don’t let

13:55it be a Revival don’t let it be some kind of H on oldtimers remember that who

14:01remember you be in church at least three days a week going on morning T night every day

14:06yeah come on now you know how it is brother B know Church convention so so we don’t condemn here’s the thing we do

14:13have historical evidence and even in scripture where the apostles met on the first day of the week Acts chapter 20

14:19verse number 7 on the first day of the week they came together to break bread this wasn’t talk about eating like you

14:25know eating at a a barbecue that break bread was to commun enjoy the communion

14:30so on the first day of the week Paul says in 1 Corinthians chapter number 16 when you come together on the first day

14:37of the week let us set aside that and not only do we have biblical examples

14:42where they met on the first day of the week we also have historical accounts we have people like Ignatius and irius who

14:50says that they honor the first day of the week in honor of that being the day

14:55that Christ was resurrected from the dead and so and that’s before n that’s

15:00before n what John said he was in the spirit what day what day was it what day

15:07did the early what day did the early Apostles and the Bishops call um what

15:13people would call the first day of the week what was the name what was that term

15:18used way before n that’s why people have to do their history I don’t let them get

15:23away with that I can show you quote after quote after quote from the first and second early second century from

15:30church lyrically outspoken got it right here on the screen John said he was in the spirit on the Lord’s

15:35day now Plum who used to be talking about the Lord’s day is the Sabbath and

15:41it’s one and the same fathers who says we keep the Eighth Day see eight was the number of New Beginning eight follows

15:48seven which was actually the first day of the week and when Christ was resurrected from the grave on the first

15:54day it was a new beginning that’s why they call it the eighth day it was the day after the seventh and Christians

15:59honor the the Sunday as uh in honor of Christ being resurrected on the first

16:05day of the week now it’s not a sin if a person doesn’t honor Christ or well it is a sin if you don’t honor Christ it

16:12it’s not a sin if you don’t have Church Fellowship on the first day of the week neither is it a sin if you don’t have

16:17Church Fellowship on Shabbat we’re Covenant built on better promises but now listen to this before I give it back

16:23to Pastor um Johnson listen to this though you quoted Colossians 2 and no

16:28man judge you you quoted Romans 14 those are those books were written by somebody

16:34that kept the Shabbat how would you answer that Paul Paul wrote Colossians Paul wrote Romans and he still said I

16:40must go and keep the feast he still kept the Sabbath he he taught some people say well he evangelized whatever he did he

16:47went and reason with them in a synagogue he went there and and he did it on the Shabbat what would you say to that

16:53though well I think that’s a great point but here’s the point this is what the Christian Life or Christian Liv Liberty

16:59allows now Paul was circumcised on the eighth day too but he he wasn’t about to let them put Titus in that bag you

17:06understand what I’m saying so he said no no we he wasn’t about to let them bring that to the Gentiles when the Brethren

17:11from Jerusalem came down and told them they must be circumcise and keep the law of Moses and so yes Paul as an Israelite

17:18he is free Pastor Johnson is free the people that are watching you are free to keep the customs of your culture Paul

17:25was free to do that but what Paul would not do and neither would he stand a stand for is a person trying to impose

17:33that on others that’s the issue we’re having here it’s not about keeping Shabbat or not we don’t care we listen I

17:40encourage Pastor John he believe you know he’s Hebrew what’s the two words now Pastor Mike was dealing with this

17:47you ain’t lying out he he be cooking he was dealing with this a few years back what’s the words we mention those words

17:53just come on y’all we got to get our vocabulary up I’ll be talking ignant but I want the people to get their vocabul

17:58what’s the two words I said L green I wonder if he invented that right there what’s the two words one is one is it

18:07start with a j and the other one start with a G what’s the two words when you’re imposing if you’re Israel and

18:13you’re imposing your stuff the stuff for you fringes and that stuff for you and

18:18you imposing it on me what’s the word and what’s the word when I’m imposing my Gentile freedom on you that’s what some

18:26of y’all want to say other people say no you you Israel do what you want to do you ain’t got to it like you you come on

18:31here Alton juding and El GRE is galiz it fair use let’s see what’s going on

18:38let’s see p passing them dealing with this Israelite descent he believes this is his culture I encourage you to keep

18:45your keep your culture right but it’s the problem isn’t that so years ago we

18:50were already discussing the culture Elder green I got it I got it let me let me try to queue

18:57this up y’all let this play fair problem is imposing that culture on others as a command and telling people

19:04they are violating the law they’re in sin when they don’t that is wrong that’s how come is having so many people on as

19:11soon as Pastor came on here he said he’s not condemning you that’s how we gota have different people on the platform

19:17that are Israelites and let me ask you a question Pastor Johnson were you did you transition like the um but what’s like

19:24the other Pastor did did were were you a pastor already before you came to this knowledge yes I was and I were you going

19:31to church on a Sunday and you transitioned your congregation or by the time you help us with that a little bit

19:37okay I I was uh Messianic so I’ve always kept the

19:43Sabbath uh that’s the only thing I’ve ever done um since you’ve been a pastor

19:50since I’ve been a pastor amen okay coming into the knowledge that we are Israel uh that’s that happened in 20

19:592015 um but but and and and I I I understand what you’re saying brother

20:05Mike I can’t uh you know our dialogue uh you know there’s I I know I’m not going

20:12to say anything that would change your opinion because you’re strong in what you believe and feel I know that uh but

20:20maybe perhaps our dialogue will uh uh help somebody else because basically

20:26when you’re saying you have no problem with me keeping the Sabbath you’re acknowledging the fact that the Sabbath

20:32does exist you’re saying that your choice is are they and then and then we

20:38started getting to it are they commanded are we commanded there’s a verse in the New Testament that you’re commanded to

20:44go to church on Saturday and this is where we get into later on what we would call the acts and people call

20:51descriptive and descriptive it’s just describing that they went to the synagogue it’s not prescription for us

20:57to to day um just give me two or three verses where Cain and Abel and Adam and

21:03Eve and Enoch went to church on Saturday when did Satur go to church on

21:09Saturday when did we connect rusting and go to church on y’all know where I’m going I choose not to observe the

21:16Sabbath and and and when we had our dialogue we were going to complete it

21:21where I believe that anything that we do that we must must provide book chapter

21:29and verse to substantiate it um so when you you know and many people present the

21:37fact that they uh met on the first day of the week that’s Elder Johnson’s

21:43favorite thing I remember about him book chapter and verse well Acts 2 and 46

21:49says they met daily but daily cannot be the Sabbath it cannot be the appointed

21:55time and I my understand in the scripture there has to be an appointed

22:01time that he has set apart in the New Covenant yeah so we can worship every

22:07day there’s nothing wrong with worshiping people worship every day people worship on a Wednesday night he


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