The Black Church’s role in spreading hope and healing during the holidays | ABJ Full Episode

The holiday season is a joyous time, but it can also be a time of grief, struggle and insecurity for many families. How does the Black Church help? For “The Black Church in Detroit” series, American Black Journal host Stephen Henderson examines the significant role of the church during the holidays to provide relief, support and hope for the community.

Henderson sits down with Rev. QuanTez Pressley of Third New Hope Baptist Church, Pastor Semmeal Thomas from City Covenant Church, and Dr. Portia Lockett, Director of Spiritual Care & Community Affairs at the Detroit Medical Center, to talk about food and other necessities provided by the church and the emotional support that’s offered to those suffering from grief.

Plus, the religious and community leaders talk with Henderson about the importance of mental health and mindfulness during the holiday season, and individuals speaking up or seeking help if they need it.

Episode 5048