Shalom Fam,
Checkout this 100 Proof video episode where we reviewed references and artifacts which prove the identity of the Children of Judah today. We review detailed discoveries made around the world. YAH willing we will also review an abundance of evidence from 100s of years ago to reveal a commonly understood description of the Children of Judah… Black.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the topics covered in this week’s episode..
1) The Language of Israel
2) The Picture of Israel in Egypt
3) Cranial Analysis Performed on Slaves in Egypt
4) Pyramid Builders
5) Lachish Relief
6) Lachish Cranial Analysis
7) Masada Archaeological Site
8) Masada Cranial Analysis
9) Judah in Lachish Sent to Spain
10) Cranial Analysis of Skulls of Brews in Spain
11) Description of Brews in Spain

Checkout this video today for shocking truths. Shalom!

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