Berean TV: Angels, Demons & The Spiritual Realm Pt.2

Angels, Demons & The Spiritual Realm Pt.2

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2:10 We’re gonna talk about some watchers. I want to answer some questions first. Somebody asked me about bible-thumpers. What do I mean when I say a bible-thumper?
A bible-thumper is anybody that think that their way is the only way. Two point three billion, with a b. Y’all hear that? Two point three billion people are running around here reading this book and everybody don’t view things the only way.

2:46 Now I’m Pentecostal but I get around my Baptist people. I’m not crazy enough to think God’s not moving among Baptists folk, but a bible-thumper think the Baptist folk ain’t got it. You got to do it their way and that’s the only way to do it. I was sharing on the situation with the watchers yesterday and how there’s tens of thousands of people that believe, including many Hebrew Israelites in the first century, that Enoch was influential in their theology that other books that may not be in the Canon were influential in their theology and people had beef with that but that’s just what it is. The Bible talk about the book of the warlords the book of Jasher. There’s books that the Bible talk about that’s not in the Bible.
3:35 So the first thing we have to do with
3:37stumpers is why why would the Bible
3:40mention some books that’s not even in
3:42beer we have to go a little further in
3:44our understanding we have to stretch
3:46ourselves it’s not oh oh oh it’s not the
3:49Lord’s way if you don’t believe to do it
3:51a bible thumpers way it’s not the Lord’s
3:54way there’s no other way but their way
3:55so that’s what I mean when I say a
3:57bible-thumper so now a lot of people may
4:00not know this may not like this but
4:02there’s certain things that’s not clear
4:04in the Bible or depends on your medical
4:08or your approach on how you know your
4:11hermeneutics how you approach the text
4:12are you involved in dispensationalism
4:15covenant theology people approach the
4:18text differently and sometimes a lot
4:20confusion with Israel in the church and
4:22replacement theology and all this stuff
4:24people just throw it all together
4:25they’re not understanding certain things
4:28so we could try to get some clarity
4:29there’s some things that’s not totally
4:31clear in the Bible the Bible in Genesis
4:34says the sons of God you want to do me a
4:36favor and pull that up right dear
4:37brother we don’t pull up Genesis 6 and 2
4:41the Bible ain’t too clear on certain
4:43things according to some people now I’m
4:46entrusting to believe I don’t know what
4:48you feel about giants but that book said
4:49Giants that books that Giants were in
4:52the land they came back with fruits and
4:54they were carrying them grapes on sticks
4:56and then them fruits was so heavy the
4:58grapes were looking like watermelons so
5:00now we got a problem here now we have a
5:03problem because there’s some stuff that
5:05we definitely have to look into we have
5:09some technical difficulties but thank
5:10God you know that stuff worked out we
5:13appreciate you brother you have that up
5:14you can share your screen
5:16if you do we just gonna take a peek at
5:18that and then we can we can basically
5:20own Rome from there but in the midst of
5:23that let me go back to this thing
5:25Oh matter of fact I can look on my phone
5:28go ahead
5:28Oh Hotel BrahMos is we gonna talk about
5:31you yeah I’m gonna talk about you I’m
5:33glad you here brother we don’t talk
5:34about you and BIA cults but we’re gonna
5:36talk about principalities we’re gonna
5:38talk about watches and is there a
5:39scientific connection with governments
5:43locked in with Watchers or
5:45principalities closed Moses good I’m
5:48gonna tell you right now Moses he down
5:50with the earth called doctrine and the
5:51other guy said to me
5:52he said well you got to understand more
5:54and more people listen to me Rob Moses
5:56lying playing with you one of your
5:58people came to me and said more and more
6:00people are going into the occult because
6:03the occult is dealing with knowledge and
6:05they’re walking away from belief just
6:08reading the Bible is simple belief the
6:11occult science that started in the 1600s
6:14and some people were to take back at em
6:16it they said the occult science is
6:18knowledge of the spirituality and what
6:21we start dealing with Bible and beliefs
6:24we’re dealing with just simply trusting
6:27in God let me make sure let me see I
6:31want to make sure that I’m on I want to
6:32make sure oh what am I doing here come
6:34on pull that up brother and then we got
6:35a real get to that Rob Moses can you see
6:37my screen I’m on Genesis 6 increasing
6:40corruption on the earth when we start
6:42with Genesis 6 yes please all right when
6:45men began to multiply on the face of the
6:47land and daughters was born to them the
6:50sons of God saw the daughters of men
6:52were attractive and they took as their
6:55wives any they chose then the Lord said
6:58my spirit shall not abide and man
7:00forever for he is flesh and as they
7:03shall be 120 years the Nephilim were on
7:08the earth in those days and also
7:10afterward when the sons of God came into
7:13the daughters of men and they bore
7:15children to them these were the mighty
7:17men who were of old the men of renown
7:21all right scan your screen for a second
7:23and get ready for your other stuff
7:25you’re gonna all be presenting to them
7:27now I’m looking at the screen somebody
7:29else said
7:29somebody at work just like that crazy
7:31piece prophetess is the Forester how are
7:34you so so ramos is dis are they telling
7:36us now they’re telling us some stuff but
7:38we’re gonna get it to who these sons of
7:40God were who were these people but
7:42remember the main question that we’re
7:44looking for tonight cuz I’m gonna talk
7:46about Jack Parsons I’m gonna talk about
7:48l ron hubbard Aleister Crowley imma talk
7:51about the occult you can say what you
7:53want let me look let me see who’s in the
7:55room y’all can say what child warned but
7:58there’s a lot of people I told y’all I
8:00build with gods I built with Moors
8:02I’ve built with Free Masons there’s a
8:04lot of people coming into the New Age in
8:06the occult world they know more about
8:08the astral plane and the spirit realm
8:10than the average believer now why is
8:13that they start getting into the whole
8:15story sister foster they want to give me
8:17the whole story about all about the high
8:20science and we don’t understand the high
8:23science and that there were a bunch of
8:26God still butchered that’s how I can
8:28remember in Genesis he said the man has
8:30become like one of us there was a bunch
8:32of elohim x’ and there was some beef in
8:34lucifer and some of them broke out and
8:36they are they’re the ones that want
8:38everybody according to Crowley and
8:40everybody else they want y’all to or
8:44communicate with people in this realm
8:46but the god yeah the God Jehovah the God
8:50Yahweh he don’t want nobody to talk to
8:52nobody in that realm among them hundreds
8:55of billions of trillions of beings he
8:57don’t want nobody to deal with them but
8:59these other beings they want to tell you
9:01about the realm they want you to come
9:03into the realm and that’s the occult
9:04science some people call this cult
9:07science or the spirit gods my higher
9:10that’s my godly that’s my guardian angel
9:12so when I talk to mystics and people
9:15like Moses and then when I talk to the
9:17Freemasons when I talk to the people in
9:19your code doctrine and the Rosicrucians
9:21they be like y’all are crafty yo y’all
9:23Christians the Bible got y’all stuck in
9:26gravity so I’m like what the fool what
9:29you what what in the world what dude he
9:31folk be talking about and that’s what
9:33the bishop and I’m the like but I’m
9:34gonna share when they say gravity like
9:36if I said yo to sister she lost her
9:38apartment her husband got cancer they’re
9:40in a grave situation
9:43they say gravity keep you down that’s
9:45how a lot of Christians read the Bible
9:47gravity keep them down but when you look
9:49at the magician’s and you see certain
9:51things from back in the days to wrote
9:53your crucians and the magicians they
9:54levitate themselves they say you got a
9:57deal with your higher-self that’s
9:58levitation and that’s what Jesus did the
10:01Bible said that he was ascended when you
10:03look in the last part of Luke the last
10:05part of Luke in a beginning part of all
10:07of the book of Acts the book the Bible
10:10said he ascended see never on Moses
10:12think we’ve run around here worshipping
10:13a man Jesus instead of becoming Christ I
10:16hope y’all got that because all of this
10:19could stuff is connected to the Watchers
10:21come on brother I’m a slow down but I
10:23want to lay everything out present these
10:26rose I want to lay everything out so
10:29some of y’all in here y’all y’all are
10:31you know y’all stuck on the ground y’all
10:32full of gravity and other people are
10:34magicians and this is allegorically
10:36speaking remember when when they talk
10:38about alchemy and changing stains and
10:40all of that that’s transferring that’s
10:42changing yourself changing your soul
10:45they say work out your own soul
10:46salvation you got to transform into God
10:49you got a transform into the Elohim and
10:51these ascended masters these beings
10:54these deities they’re the ones that
10:56connected you to the spirit realm but
10:59the god y’all serve you don’t want y’all
11:00going up in there was remember what he
11:02told them when y’all going to the land
11:04of Canaan don’t don’t do not have bond
11:06will still go in and kill everybody
11:07first of all kill them all and don’t do
11:10none of that stuff that they’re doing so
11:12right now everybody is dealing with
11:15their higher self everybody is dealing
11:17with you Lucifer everybody is dealing
11:19with the science of the spirit realm if
11:21we’re the only ones that’s totally
11:23against it because we believe that this
11:25God here we believe that this deity that
11:28spoke to Adam and them that led Moses
11:31and Abraham he said to stay away from
11:33that stuff but there’s other beings
11:36there’s other gods that’s giving out
11:37that information so when you run into
11:40people and they know all about the
11:41spirit realm and astral and casting and
11:44doing different things that’s how
11:46they’re operating you’re running to a
11:47cultist they’ll tell you how to work
11:49with demons notice when these people
11:51call demons they gotta call demons and
11:53demons come up demons work hand
11:55hand with principalities and watchers
11:57but they’re on another level when we
11:59look at the Book of Daniel we don’t see
12:01no demons update he said Michael the
12:04chief Prince had to come and help me and
12:05I’m going back to war yeah I’ll remember
12:07Daniel never you will I’m gonna take it
12:09slow and we don’t go through all of this
12:11stuff right here demons not up there
12:13demons down here but they’re working
12:14hand in hand and then you got the other
12:16last and God he’s doing as he pleased I
12:19got a few questions do all angels have
12:22access to all realms from the ancient
12:25time the Canaanites Mesopotamians
12:27everybody had access to what we would
12:30call I mean the angels we believe had
12:32access to heaven – heaven earth and
12:36that’s how come into your cup we got
12:37trees like Mosin and we’re looking to
12:39treat a Garden of good the knowledge of
12:41good and evil trees got three levels the
12:43all the branches and stuff wave in the
12:47air and the leaves are in the air the
12:49trunk is in the middle that’s the earth
12:51and the root is in the ground that’s the
12:53occult science of a tree so the root
12:55being in the ground that’s the
12:56underworld do all angels have access to
12:59the underworld that’s one question I’m
13:01asking another question is because a lot
13:04of people said well how can Angels have
13:06sex with women and how can watch us beat
13:09this and dad all all beings dead we’ll
13:14just say that cell in the rebellion that
13:16walked away all of them are locked up
13:18some of them running amuck when Lucifer
13:21at right now who’s in here progress
13:23where Lucifer at right now some but I’m
13:26running around here running amuck and
13:28this is what people are dealing with
13:30this is what Crowley and them dealt with
13:32this is what do you like a lot of people
13:34done I got to say what y’all going I got
13:36a sir Luke Benjamin Franklin Thomas
13:39Paine the Freemason City listen we got a
13:41minute Jerusalem we got a mimic David
13:44and the people in the Bible we got a
13:46mimic this stuff that’s how come all
13:48that’s how come a lot of people’s main
13:50tab and secret teaching not secret
13:52teaching the secret destiny of America
13:54man the people who was an occultist man
13:57it be always an occultist before he was
14:00a freemason he already was heavy in the
14:02occult calling on spirits and commanding
14:05them that’s where that’s what you
14:06Pentecostals get this from that’s where
14:09copses get this from we don’t talk about
14:10that God God don’t work the same way
14:13it’s a lot of the same stuff but he
14:15don’t work the same way so they said
14:17listen America is the New Jerusalem so
14:19when the Freemasons and your cultists in
14:21Europe said listen we’re going to set up
14:23America they’re doing this for a reason
14:24cause they believe in the temple they
14:26believe there’s a New Jerusalem and they
14:28believe in the coming of a great one
14:31now is some beef course it ain’t the one
14:33we believe in I’m a lead out alone race
14:36apiece Jeremy I’m a lead out alone come
14:38on brother I’m a puller after you
14:39present some of this for the watches and
14:42imma go back into Crowley and I’m gonna
14:44show them some things that we don’t we
14:45just we just here to ask some questions
14:47but I think we can show and prove I
14:50think that we can establish that certain
14:52government certain Kings have been
14:54locked in with watches and
14:56principalities that we can drag it back
14:58to Kenneth yes what the floor all right
15:01we’re gonna start up we don’t start with
15:04with Enoch we got to take it from
15:06Genesis 6 because Enoch is the
15:09non-canonical books which gives us a
15:11better interpretation of what happened
15:14with these angels and I’m gonna be
15:16reading a couple verses out of Enoch
15:19first he not the real Enoch wait a
15:21minute did you explain what you said
15:23with the real email and somebody else
15:25said or is America the new Babylon they
15:27called it the New Jerusalem you said
15:30something right there but that’s what it
15:31really is they don’t know they that they
15:34excellent day magician they’re excellent
15:36at debates with you looking at you pull
15:39it on a rabbit in a day doing something
15:41else that’s how come I can’t be mad at
15:43certain people when they start talking
15:45about nationality and who are those
15:47people and that’s a whole nother thing
15:49no that’s Danny about my old girl she
15:51don’t let them talk about that well tell
15:53her I’m already getting death threats
15:54brother ok the difference between the
15:58Enochs is this Enoch is the one that
16:00they associate the oldest original
16:04writings of Enochs without the
16:06manuscripts and then you have two other
16:08Enochs which would be considered a
16:10pseudepigrapha and the third one I
16:13believe but I do got put in jail for
16:15plagiarizing with Enoch but we don’t use
16:18those Enochs because they they can’t be
16:21validated they’re more on the suta big
16:23four line and also just to let you know
16:26a lot of the stuff he knocks some
16:28scholars would say going towards the end
16:32of Enoch you know it kind of looked like
16:33somebody interjected
16:35certain scriptures and things in there
16:37so that’s a lot as I say you can use it
16:39for reference but don’t go too deep as
16:41far as the gospel that’s why we normally
16:44stay in between
16:45like the first couple chapters that
16:46Enoch because that explains the fall
16:50after after the fall so i’ma start we
16:55will actually we get waxed he can start
16:57with the father sons of heaven the evil
16:58deeds for their children let’s go the
17:00falling angels teach humans magical arts
17:03we could start with that because that’s
17:05where you’re going as far as us trying
17:07to command things in that spirit world
17:09which which livanski called the Akashic
17:12records the Fallen Angels teach humans
17:17magical arts this is the 8th chapter of
17:19Enoch as Iselle thought the humans to
17:22makes wards and weapons shields and
17:24breastplates the lessons of the Angels
17:27and they showed to them their mining and
17:29craftsmanship anklets and adornments
17:32powders and painted eyes and all kinds
17:35of chosen stones and diets much ungodly
17:38and prostitution happened and they were
17:40laid astray and ruined in all their ways
17:42samyaza taught enchantments and cutting
17:45routes and or our marrows spells of
17:50rakia astrology a big word I can I can’t
17:55pronounce the science of symptoms Sofia
17:58watching the Stars
17:59serial the course of the Moon therefore
18:02the cry of the utterly destroy people
18:05went up into heaven so right there you
18:10said there’s some things I want to make
18:12sure I point out to everybody you
18:13started talking about the herbs the
18:15science of the herb herbology the
18:17science of the herbs when you start
18:19dealing with timothy leary
18:20and they start dealing with ayahuasca
18:22the shamans the great ones were speaking
18:25to the shamans we believe those are
18:26watches of principalities and told them
18:29certain things see that there’s a
18:31scientist a science of the spirit world
18:34that um a lot of believers feel it was
18:37forbidden but it was taught to human
18:39being so they can get themselves into an
18:41altered state so they can realize their
18:43higher self so they can realize there’s
18:45a whole galaxy out there of multiple
18:48beings out there stars all over there
18:50you can travel you can ask for your
18:52project you can do all of these
18:53different things and they felt that the
18:55god of the the god of the Garden of Eden
18:57the god of
18:58Adam and Eve was hiding it so these
19:00other set of watches Elohim when he said
19:02the man has become like one of us with
19:04those other being said we gonna share
19:06this knowledge with them so they can
19:08come and they can communicate with them
19:09and they could know it’s a bigger better
19:11world out there and that’s why Bavasi
19:14and so many people preacher flipped
19:16hermeneutic like Lucifer is good Jesus
19:19is God – what she said she said
19:21unfortunately Jesus is god – you hear me
19:23is what Bavasi said this is why I always
19:26bring them up she said but Lucifer’s
19:28God’s but she bear witness that
19:29Lucifer’s God also she said y’all want
19:32to call him the devil a Prince of
19:33Darkness to call Lucifer a great one of
19:36light why would y’all call Lucifer the
19:38Prince of Darkness and he has come to
19:39illuminate people to illuminate
19:41countries he’s brought he’s brought
19:43nations and countries to another level
19:46to another level people that had the
19:48technology in Egypt people that had the
19:51technology and Babylon people that have
19:53the technology in America they have this
19:56new spiritual needs some of them want to
19:58shop that nonsan to y’all we don’t
20:00believe in spirit world we don’t believe
20:02they the boy you better believe it I
20:03believe it more than y’all believe it
20:05y’all and y’all going to church four
20:06five times a week go ahead buck
20:08man ok what I’m gonna do is I’m a jump
20:11back up cuz I did kind of jump ahead of
20:13myself i’ma start with the file from
20:15Enochs perception that’s the sons of
20:17heaven and evil deeds of their children
20:19and it happened that when the sons of
20:21men multiplied in those days they began
20:23good and beautiful daughters and the
20:26Angels the sons of the sons of heaven
20:28saw them and longed for them and said to
20:32one another
20:32come let us choose for ourselves women
20:35from among the people and bring forth
20:37for ourselves children and semi aza who
20:41was their ruler said to them I fear you
20:43may not wish to do this deed I alone
20:46would be responsible for a great failure
20:48therefore they all answered him let us
20:51all swear by an oath and devote one
20:54another to mutual destruction not to
20:57turn back from the decision until we
20:59complete it do this deed and oath and
21:03devout one another to mutual destruction
21:04not to turn back from this decision
21:07until we complete complete it and do
21:10this deed then
21:11they all made a vow together and put
21:13each other under a curse in regard to
21:16this these are the names and their
21:19rulers and then they name the rulers
21:20semi Asda this was their ruler of all
21:23the angels or art that Kimbra Samuel
21:28Danielle aerials
21:29you know in the name so well we go what
21:31I’m going to do is parallel this the
21:33consensus from Enoch is that these two
21:36hundred Watchers bound their self with
21:39an oath who leave their state Jude
21:41speaks about that those angels they left
21:44their state to go after strange flesh
21:45now when you understand them leaving
21:48their a state of this of the heavenly
21:51realm they left their state they gave up
21:54that office to come down here and
21:57manipulate men so so when people say
22:00well how did they do and what angels
22:02ain’t supposed to have sex and they left
22:04their state so you know you can just
22:07summarize or or visualize what happened
22:09but most of the consensus say those 200
22:12went down on Mount Hermon okay
22:14Mount Hermon just a parallel that Mount
22:18Hermon is is the one of the highest
22:21peaks some ancient writers say that’s
22:25one of the peaks that the devil took
22:27Jesus in the wilderness when he said he
22:29set him up on a high peak and showed in
22:30the world and said I’d give you the
22:31world it was on top of Mount Hermon it
22:34just so happens that if you go off the
22:36Paris meridian lines meridian lines it’s
22:38like how they do longitude and latitude
22:40it’s the 33rd parallel its 33rd
22:43longitude 33rd latitude that’s when you
22:46get into the 33rd vertebraes you know
22:49your chakras and he’s assigned at 33 and
22:52all those the way they try to put that
22:55together I’m sorry and a lot of you know
22:58when we start dealing with when we start
23:00dealing with mountains mountains back to
23:02Muhammad had regulation up in the
23:03mountain Moses went up into the mountain
23:06Jesus everybody mount has been connected
23:08with spirituality from a long time some
23:11people say well the mountain because the
23:13mountain was so high and back in the
23:15days nobody had that you can’t just go
23:17on top of the mountain and you got to
23:18watch how you’re coming down Mount
23:20Everest and all the day people are lost
23:21they lives trying to go up there so the
23:23ancients said that you
23:25they’re live so automatically some
23:27people said it was connected with the
23:29legends of watches with the story that
23:32you just heard plus it was also
23:34connected people saying nobody can go up
23:36there and live you would die if you’re
23:37trying to travel up there and back in
23:39the days people trying to do it and they
23:41would never seen again so they said the
23:42gods took them they just went died and
23:44nobody would have been found a body
23:45because you can’t die going up in some
23:47of these mountains you can’t die and you
23:49got to know you got to know how to even
23:51come down you can’t just rush down you
23:53have to come down it’s like scuba diving
23:55because of the elevation you’re no saint
23:57in your blood and all that stuff so
23:59those are things that we got to look at
24:01one more thing is why do we why are you
24:03reading inna I don’t want them to think
24:05that we’re pulling doctrine from inna
24:08but I cannot lie
24:09Enoch and other books do bring clarity
24:12to some things the Bible simply alludes
24:15to people read the Bible said all the
24:17truth is Ana Barbara ain’t nowhere else
24:19there’s certain things that the Bible is
24:21not totally clear on but it just
24:22reference how do we handle the story how
24:26do we handle certain things like I said
24:28people to pass a better seminar you’re
24:29gonna not gonna church nobody you’ll
24:31never if you go any legit Baptist Church
24:33any legit on Protestant Church the AME
24:37Church any legit you’re joined go never
24:39hear them on Sunday morning preach
24:41United Genesis six and two they’re not
24:43gonna do it because it leaves too many
24:45questions so we believe in our first
24:48email in certain things will attempt to
24:50fill some questions in remember this is
24:52none none of this stuff that we’re
24:55discussing has anything to do with
24:56salvation so it’s okay yeah so I can
25:00have a position that someone else can
25:01have a position as 2.3 billion people
25:03reading this book so it’s not the end of
25:06the world alright great brother all
25:09right we don’t start parallel as some
25:11things if you read an Old Testament
25:13Joshua on his way to go conquer the
25:17promised land had to come down to
25:21Caesarea Philippi right and then you see
25:25you transform to the New Testament
25:27matter of fact one is Matthew 16:13 now
25:29when Jesus came into the district of
25:32Caesarea Philippi he asked his disciples
25:34who do people say that the Son of Man
25:39is just to give you a backdrop alive
25:41that burst just that burst is so
25:43important and what Peter said the Mount
25:48Hermon was actually used they would say
25:51when the Danites left and when when when
25:55the tribe of Dan left and they parted
25:58from the twelve tribes they went up
26:01north you know north east
26:02well this Mount Hermon was also used as
26:08the idols pan in greco-roman of they had
26:12the pan guy so they would come do
26:14sacrifices they believe the farther back
26:16into this cave when they made sacrifices
26:19to the God if they sacrificed a person
26:22and threw him in the back of the cave if
26:24they’d seen blood come out from the
26:26bottom of the world they knew the gods
26:27didn’t accept the sacrifice but if no
26:30blood came then they said the gods
26:33accept the sacrifice so I just want to
26:35give you a back story of the two hundred
26:37Watchers was supposed to have fail at
26:40his mouth so they bound they self so off
26:43top this mountain was for paganism and
26:46the K Knights went and settled down here
26:49and they used this mountain for certain
26:51rituals and things of that nature so
26:53when you see when you hear Caesarea
26:55Philippi you equate that to Mount Hermon
26:58and those those demons and fallen angels
27:02now they were called the opening of the
27:04cave a doorway of gate like eat like
27:07brother Marine was speaking about that
27:08gate would take you from the natural
27:10plane to extraterrestrial plane or a
27:14celestial plane so there was the
27:16manifestation of them standing at the
27:18edge of that cave and Peter declaring
27:22Jesus is the Son of God to these
27:24entities so that’s one reason they they
27:27pull all this story together where you
27:29use Enoch to use extra biblical context
27:34on the backdrop of the Watchers because
27:36you don’t hear any of this outside of
27:39Enoch now Jude alludes to what happened
27:42when the angels or just speaks about the
27:45angels losing their state they use
27:47Genesis 6 and then it’s another couple
27:50passages where it speaks of
27:52these Watchers dealing with human beings
27:55that’s another reason in the New
27:58most of the biblical writers believe you
28:00know women covering a hair with with
28:03hair covers because they wanted to keep
28:05them from the Angels you know seducing
28:08the angels and this stopped crazily this
28:11thought was normal you know in the early
28:13church they believed in this spiritual
28:16realm it’s just later when you get to
28:18the 3rd century and Gnosticism and and
28:21then you get the may Freemasonry you get
28:25the Orientalist you know it’s a bunch of
28:27different sects that infuse a lot of
28:30this doctrine but archers bound they
28:33self on Mount Hermon they came down and
28:36they intertwine with women and one of
28:39the reasons I’m gonna stop for second
28:40one reasons that people feel it came
28:44back with Augustine and stuff like that
28:45an African church father on that August
28:48and 350 and before that he said 4th
28:50century Augustine and them felt some
28:53people feel that day that’s the
28:56beginning of like let’s just see let me
28:59see how conspiracy they would call it
29:00conspiracy but that’s the beginning of
29:02Rome in order to mix the occult science
29:05they say they call science is steeped
29:07and symbolism within Catholicism that’s
29:09how come you’ll see even arches on
29:11church steeples and all of that other
29:13stuff you’ll see a deer and it’s a
29:14connection to chemic because they took
29:17the two spiritualities the spirituality
29:19to Jesus mortally mingled it with the
29:21spirituality of the watchers or your
29:24company brought it all together that’s
29:25why some people call it Babylon and
29:27that’s a poisoning like this is pagan
29:29stuff there’s this stuff that’s come
29:31from the occult and it’s and it’s gonna
29:33mess the folk up folk thinking it’s one
29:35thing it’s another so people would say
29:37that that’s the beginning of where you
29:39gonna see a switch where you see some
29:41other things going on so they’ll try to
29:43act like they don’t want to discuss
29:44certain things they don’t want to bring
29:45it out when in all actuality they’re
29:47covering you know and they’re using it
29:49that’s how come a lot of people you’ll
29:51hear people even on sign letter they’ll
29:53tell you listen these people do your
29:54coat sciences belong to us these people
29:57are taking y’all gotta stop saying
29:59everything into your coat that’s the
30:01everything coming out of Africa is the
30:03devils they’re challenging on us on the
30:06but what show and prove what you mean a
30:07pentagram those are just two pyramid you
30:09got to understand the science and
30:11everybody’s talking to you about the
30:13science you don’t know the science
30:15course you in charge with the dumb
30:16preacher and they did their talking are
30:18they talking a whole bunch of stuff and
30:20a challenging you on every single thing
30:22this is why this history is important to
30:25understand where this stuff come from
30:27how these people view it like I said
30:29they don’t think rusev under arrested
30:30him are bad people they that’s what we
30:32call it inverted hermeneutic y’all don’t
30:34even read the story right y’all dumb
30:35fools don’t even read the story right
30:37what happened in the garden the serpent
30:39was wisdom that’s why she just said be
30:41wise as a serpent the good one was
30:43really the serpent in the bad when was
30:44the Indian God trying to tell y’all know
30:46get knowledge this is healthy India
30:49color it’s just happy and be a contagion
30:52Freemasonry this is heavy and esoteric
30:55Freemasonry Rosicrucian this is heavy in
30:58that stuff right today riding with this
31:00and to be honest like I said earlier to
31:03be honest you gotta admit it a cultists
31:05know more about the spirit world the
31:07spirit realm
31:08astral eeo the astral body and all that
31:10stuff astral planes and all that stuff
31:12how you did with herbs coming to your
31:14higher self dirt our chakra job DMT
31:17ayahuasca you dumb Christians don’t even
31:19know DMT naturally and your body why
31:21would God put it in your body and give
31:23you a third eye so when you listen to if
31:26you don’t you’ve had first of all happy
31:28photo no no book then when they start
31:30giving you scriptures when Jesus said if
31:32that I be single what the preacher gonna
31:35do with that he said I don’t worry about
31:36that for God so loved the world I feel
31:38like how you seen that the most you know
31:40you see that how come appreciate answer
31:41that Houston we’ve got a problem and the
31:44occult science is growing it more and
31:45more younger people are going to the
31:47occult because they think the Angels
31:48going to Hebrew you know the Hebrew is
31:50like moving a lot of people moving into
31:52your cup because it makes sense one they
31:54say is a science to I could practice and
31:57I could call down things and I can
31:58manifest things and I could connect once
32:00somebody leave that body dealing with
32:02this astral plane
32:03y’all ain’t finna tell him not about no
32:05Holy Ghost jumping up and down –
32:06speaking in tongues and dancing when it
32:08unless they body and what that ain’t
32:09mother house they don’t practice that
32:11you done
32:13now I don’t know why the Kings say don’t
32:15do it where’s jobless German I’m gonna
32:16answer that why the Kings say don’t do
32:18it but as people practice that they
32:20leave any body they be like yo man I see
32:21no demons dear I just left my body I
32:24don’t know what y’all talking about this
32:25is a high science the Egyptians practice
32:27we can practice that but they just want
32:30us to touch our neighbor go ahead bro
32:33excellent excellent all right what we
32:36gonna do I’m gonna give you Scripture so
32:37y’all so y’all won’t think we just put
32:38this on top of my head
32:40Joshua 1117 from mount Halla from mount
32:45taluk which resides towards sear as far
32:49as but all God but all God in the valley
32:52of Lebanon below Mount Hermon and he
32:55captured all their kings and struck them
32:58and put them to death
32:59that’s when Joshua we went in and was
33:01actually fighting the Giants and and
33:04that goes back to what what you talkin
33:06but all gasp they was referring to Mount
33:11Hermon and then you also have another
33:13passage in Joshua 7 and 13 and these are
33:18the kings of the land whom Joshua when
33:19the people of Israel defeated on the
33:21west side of Jordan from all gat in the
33:24valley of Lebanon to Mount holic that
33:27rises toward Syria Joshua gave their
33:30land for the tribes of Israel as a
33:32possession according to their alignment
33:34and it’s interesting also
33:37bhishan was in there bhishan is augs
33:41aaaghh is the brother of delight AG of
33:44Bashan which they speak about in the
33:46bible that his beard was like 14 or 15
33:49feet you know some whatever the cubix
33:52but they equated to like evil might have
33:54been ten to eleven feet because his bed
33:57was made of steel or you know that so so
34:01that just solidify solidifies that there
34:03were giants in the day now a lot of
34:08these folks the debaters a lot of these
34:10folk y’all to say which are worn that’s
34:12at them you gotta walk allegorized
34:15you’ve got to allegorize the text or you
34:18just kind of never speak on it or you’re
34:20just being affirmed without David was
34:21little he has five stones in know where
34:23these giants come from somebody that’s
34:25really looking to sturb like oh we got
34:27some witness we got some explaining to
34:29do but most people don’t be like I got
34:31the stones and you could have the
34:32victory a guy they put you like that and
34:34that’s good that is important Jeremy I
34:36don’t got no problem with that but
34:38there’s some other did some people
34:39things where did they come from
34:41where did they come from what you told
34:42my big DJ’s with six fingers Willard and
34:45if this book is if the book is real or
34:46the book the book is last missing
34:48legends because the able to three
34:50outcomes we can cover with that thing is
34:52telling the truth
34:53it’s allegory or this is just like
34:55make-believe this is just like
34:56Cinderella and we all just put the book
34:58down and keep it moving and follow Rob
35:00Moses any of cook we just pick up a few
35:02verses he and he out the book and do
35:03what we wanted to we ain’t got that many
35:08alright good I was looking at some
35:11comments real quick okay okay you know
35:14we got Rob Moses our maybe yeah don’t
35:16make I’ll go to see my like looking
35:17about from making things more move I
35:21know you believe had an evocation I know
35:23you believe in that I know what he
35:25believed it oh let me see if I can go
35:26over there making small he said Psalms
35:2982 five-year gods but just know the
35:32science of raising your electromagnetic
35:33but they do it now to be honest now to
35:43be honest the problem comes in when they
35:48say you do have when they say that you
35:50do your Astro when they start teaching
35:52some of the stuff in the code is true
35:53there’s the electromagnetic fields in
35:55the body can you ask your project can
35:58you deal with certain can you deal with
36:00certain things that are naturally in the
36:03body and enhance them like DMT is
36:04naturally in the body
36:06and who’s that other book or DMT I gotta
36:09go into my candle and pull up some of
36:11this stuff we used to teach on this
36:12stuff a couple of years back and we
36:14start dealing with stuff and it gives
36:15you visions when people say they saw
36:17that light they saw that tunnel some
36:19people say oh that’s when you just run
36:21out of when you’re running out of oxygen
36:23if you die on the operating table well
36:25other people sitting us and we can go to
36:27Peru we could go to South America and we
36:29can make me to meet the Indian so we
36:31don’t tell we go meet the natives and we
36:32don’t take some of this DLT DMT and we
36:35don’t see beings we don’t deal with some
36:37stuff my man went out there he studies
36:38and listen you say they told me three
36:41day they come for three days don’t smoke
36:43no trees he can’t help himself he hit it
36:46before he get on the plane on the way to
36:48the woods we said he got their suits he
36:50got there so he was like you know they
36:51said you didn’t smoke right
36:53you said nah nah nah nah nah didn’t
36:55smoke out this how he lied to them he
36:57immediately as soon as he drank it he
36:59said for the forever from the side as I
37:01he see like a big lizard and it was
37:03fighting another one and so she punched
37:05him he said he just started throwing up
37:06right they fell there you said he ran
37:08out the hut started throwing up and he
37:10said that that was that other being
37:11fighting with the being that was part of
37:13him and all this stuff he said man
37:15anything is so real he there’s no
37:17witness and to him
37:19there’s no does nothing you can tell him
37:21because he went to another dimension and
37:23he seen some things happen now
37:27variants you know of itself that’s mark
37:29average grace and peace experience in of
37:31itself is that nothing but certain
37:34things people can’t deny that’s how come
37:37I think personal relationship and all of
37:39that stuff is important because you mess
37:41around and you’ll play yourself and you
37:42just hear what grandma said then when
37:44you get challenged with certain things
37:46if you don’t know the key you’ve gotta
37:47fall by the way you gonna fall you’re
37:49gonna fall when you’re challenged now
37:52other people are saying why can’t we mix
37:54it listen to me Jeremy why can’t we mix
37:58it Daniel why can’t we just mix the
38:00occult science with the Bible it’s all
38:03ghost handed a they want to counter
38:04Church what do you got to do it gave
38:06y’all symbols they gave them to
38:08freemasons dead that was building olden
38:10Catholic churches over there in Europe
38:11they don’t have plenty symbols on the
38:12building to show those that got eyes to
38:15see it either didn’t mess it all around
38:17because talk about it cuz they be killed
38:20for it
38:20but they left gargoyles they left
38:22certain things around the show y’all not
38:24to be scared enough but you got to get
38:26past these fears to get there and speak
38:28to the beings to get to the light coming
38:30to the light coming y’all y’all remember
38:32who was that you’re allowed to come into
38:33the master guys and it’s funny because
38:38when you get to talking about DMT in
38:41ayahuasca that is a decalcifying that
38:45your pineal gland and they say when you
38:47cut your you know when they split people
38:49heads in and they and they look at your
38:50pineal gland it’s this adonis fluid in
38:53there almost the same as the fluid in
38:55your eye
38:56so yes and they’re saying and another
38:58thing too but they’re saying and they
39:00saying now
39:01man they saying fluoride they’re saying
39:04these people deliberately want to keep
39:06some people dumb down on this plane and
39:08not communicate to them that’s the dumb
39:10deaf and blind they want to keep you
39:12like that so you won’t know that you’re
39:13anything more than a monkey you disturb
39:15you just evolved from monkeys and you
39:17will start going out there and dealing
39:19with that when when the elites dealing
39:21with that the elite always kept priests
39:23around them from the pharaohs they
39:24always kept some preachers around as a
39:26priest around it just like Israel always
39:28kept prostates you got to have somebody
39:29you got to be a content with that realm
39:31you can’t make it down here we’re being
39:33cut off
39:33so really believed in that we’ve always
39:35had seances and all that craziness going
39:37on in the White House we’ve all before
39:39the White House
39:40that’s going on your Europe with the
39:41Kings in them in England they had wise
39:43men around the maggia around and people
39:45can go to that realm to Shamas the
39:47Indians here they have people going to
39:48that realm you can’t make it as a tribe
39:51as a group as a people without going
39:52into that realm but who are you talking
39:54to when you get here
39:55what are you dealing with when you get
39:57there so now we’re being challenged on
39:59stuff and we’ve been just told just to
40:02believe just read the Bible just love
40:03him just love you now-now-now just love
40:07him is all right but now what people
40:08come questioning me and start talking
40:10about that
40:11thank you brother we appreciate you for
40:13that on and start talking about that
40:15listen you gotta you gotta understand
40:17unless my body last night you got to
40:20understand these dreams and these
40:21visions on having your own book said you
40:24shall have dreams and visions
40:25now those dreams are vicious from God
40:27but what other gods are at work when
40:30other beings are speaking what do you
40:32what do you do now when the government
40:35is pushing certain things on you when
40:37we’re seeing at the doctrine being
40:39preached the doctrine being pushed what
40:40we’re seeing in all do television so
40:42everything is against the book
40:44everything everything that we’re doing
40:45everything that they’re doing everything
40:47that they’re talking about everything
40:48that’s coming at us for us Harry Potter
40:50and movies and Hollywood and occult
40:52we people all that this stuff is all
40:54that ass stuff is against the book love
40:57the dark side love the spirits all you
41:00gotta have to do is write energy and
41:02we’re gonna talk about banishing – we’re
41:04gonna talk about banishing cuz I’m a
41:05time I’ve explained the awesome some
41:07some occult practices some things that
41:09Mystics do Thank You Rose we appreciate
41:11you so much and we’re gonna talk about
41:13some stuff that some mystics do and and
41:16and it’s and it’s I think it’s decent to
41:18talk about how much time how long we
41:20been on I wanna share some of this we
41:23gonna be on this for a minute cuz we’ve
41:24just we didn’t even get nowhere to be
41:27honest we didn’t even get no with we
41:28just want to watch us so let me see if I
41:32can arm let me see if I could share some
41:34of this right here
41:35well we win we don’t we don’t gotta cuz
41:38I know so folk gotta go to work tomorrow
41:39so 10 o’clock yeah with some grown folk
41:41in here we can on we could show for a
41:43second let me just let me just show
41:45y’all because there’s some connections
41:47with some people and things and and we
41:50just got it we just got to understand
41:51some stuff so now we got people like
41:54now we got people like redcoat Google
41:56planting balls for the panic at solstice
41:59I know that even I’m gonna say ma’am
42:00Phil Valentine
42:02Bobby hemming you got people just heavy
42:04into this occult thing white and black
42:06white and black don’t think I’ll sign
42:08letting them talk about it this is just
42:09a black man occult science come from
42:11chemicals outside well there’s a new way
42:13for bitch steep and dear coach I’ve been
42:16reading the books there I’m talking my
42:17Benjamin Franklin all of them or arms
42:20bakers Frances biggest steeping the
42:23George Washington Stephanie and it
42:25bosses Isaac Newton a lot any people
42:29steep into the occult now what people
42:31don’t understand is when they talk about
42:33science they want to try to fool us in
42:35separate science from the occult but
42:37science and here coat right now was
42:39going hand in hand and LaVon you know
42:41they said that so they said other
42:43Christianity don’t change those
42:44Christian ago fall to the wayside so
42:46there’s been a lot of people that were
42:48Christians and they started getting
42:49involved in the occult sciences and
42:52those are what we call that’s a Terry
42:53Christians yes sir they follow
42:55Gnosticism and they look at allegory
42:58when they’re telling about stories this
42:59guy Jack right here Jack is our heavy
43:02heavy guys grow up in a rich family they
43:06used to bother him when he was a little
43:07kid he um he used to always think about
43:11space and the Stars and blowing up stuff
43:15in his yard and mom and I’m thinking
43:17crazy other kids teased him because he
43:19don’t want to play basketball he don’t
43:20wanna play baseball he didn’t want to
43:22run around and talk to the girl he
43:23didn’t want to do know that he wanted to
43:24dream about the Stars he wanted the
43:26dream about heaven he is the bee is one
43:29of the main reasons that we have
43:31Learjets right now Gulfstream Jets right
43:33now we can large satellites right now
43:36because he came out with certain things
43:37oh look you want to read somebody’s here
43:41for me bro yeah I got you yeah John
43:44Whiteside Jack Parsons
43:461914 to 1952 was a rocket propulsion
43:50researcher at the California Institute
43:52of Technology and a co-founder of the
43:55Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL
43:57his research was central to the United
44:00States rocket program in the 1930s and
44:0240s notably in the development of space
44:05capability rocket fuels
44:07the invention of jag jato might be NATO
44:10units for aircraft jet-assisted takeoff
44:13jet-assisted takeoff unlike what I love
44:17what Jerry said yes yes that’s a good
44:19that’s a very good thing Jeremy said to
44:21magic that came to visit Jesus those
44:23work those were coasters those were
44:25scientists something but there was a
44:27whole school and Bab a lot of mistakes
44:29and any one of miss nut so they kept
44:30everybody prophecy because they
44:32respected all of the holy books and they
44:34had the Jewish and they had Jewish ring
44:36you know to clean it up we’ll say
44:37although those were Christian well not
44:39Christian those were Jews wait that
44:40lived in Persia we know how to clean
44:42some stuff up because because there’s
44:44two confusion if we say mystics came to
44:47say where’s to him that is born King of
44:49the Jews we here we’ve seen the Stars
44:51some great one done Cain so we just were
44:53to be aboard all the stuff that’s going
44:55on and we’ve seen it in the stars that
44:58was beef as I start showing y’all some
44:59stuff in them stars course revelation
45:01talked about some stuff in them stars
45:02where y’all already said two stars with
45:04the devil and look into the stars as the
45:06devil so Joe anything in Jove anything
45:08that booked on my stars we got to throw
45:10it out the window we got to throw it out
45:12the window
45:13now understanding the Stars
45:15understanding the equinoxes the
45:17processions and understanding the
45:20seasons cuz people say Christianity
45:22Christmas was built on it’s not the s
45:25ons the s UN now to be honest a lot of
45:29people we couldn’t live without
45:30understanding the movement of the stars
45:31and the planets and the seasons we
45:34couldn’t live without that an ancient
45:36man looked forward to certain things
45:38they looked forward to certain things so
45:40we gotta be able to explain that and
45:42what do we do in a job and what do we do
45:45with other passages that do talk about
45:46arm Pleiades they talk about Orion that
45:49talks about about or heavenly bodies
45:52they talk about heavenly body not
45:54reading to heavenly bodies to know my
45:56future but what are we gonna do with
45:58that was that a star was that a real
46:01star was that a figment of the
46:02imagination or was that a real star and
46:04do God show signs in the heavens I’m
46:08gonna make them man effect ago because
46:10because if you read revelation they said
46:12they they looked up and they saw the
46:13blood the moon turning they saw some
46:15stuff happening from some science now
46:18how are you gonna read that
46:21the beef how you gonna read that cuz if
46:23you say oh I don’t get with brown Moses
46:25I ain’t gentle enough but ender but then
46:27you will turn around say when you got to
46:28understand that symbolic revelation is a
46:30symbolic book now o pump your brakes
46:31cause one minute we said Rob Moses and
46:33then wiling out now with a how can we
46:35tell what allegorical what symbolic and
46:37what’s literally what’s literal is the
46:40the some of the stuff that’s gonna
46:41happen in Revelation with the blood and
46:44the water stuff that happened in Exodus
46:45is that real or is it allegory
46:48are you confusing me I don’t want to
46:50talk about no no they also will confuse
46:52you out because they want to talk about
46:55and then I’ve been to school and they
46:56don’t seen a few videos so y’all go play
46:59with them thank you Mark Harris we
47:00appreciate you that je takeoff thing on
47:03that was a little part that goes on the
47:05jet motors and I think it um it helps it
47:08helps with the fuel generally basically
47:12built her he gave us the rocket fuel he
47:14gave us the rocket fuel it wouldn’t be
47:16no NASA if it wasn’t for Jack Parsons
47:18and there’s another guy that I didn’t
47:20bring up he was an occultist who working
47:22for Hitler and von Braun was his name
47:24that’s the one guy if it wasn’t for
47:27these occultists for these scientists
47:30for these people it wasn’t for them we
47:32were we were dis dis planet this country
47:35wouldn’t be where it is today for
47:37occultists for freemasons for mistakes
47:40but now and then after he died he blew
47:44up he was doing something we’re gonna
47:45talk about the babylon working because
47:48these people wanted to open a portals to
47:50commune with beings they wanted to they
47:52wanted to rip they wanted to rip portals
47:54open and they believed that they had a
47:55science from from beings to do this so
47:59they said i’ma keep working this magic
48:01i’ma work these principles I gotta work
48:03this thing let me get this pentagram any
48:04understand these numbers because this
48:06occult thing is a sacred science you
48:08gotta understand it and you gotta
48:09practice it I just blindly pray and just
48:11wait but it’s my face like Moses and
48:14them know that we do they say no you
48:16gotta practice this thing and these are
48:18smart people doing this now the problem
48:21is we running around here telling these
48:24folk no you can’t open stuff like that
48:26that’s unscientific and that people
48:28start talking about string theory and
48:30all that it’s other stuff this thing is
48:31more real and the scientists understand
48:33that this thing is real now what we deal
48:35with portals we we got to he lost Mara
48:39Moses in here so I can’t just talkin
48:40skip over stuff we gotta talk about
48:42Jacob’s Ladder he fell asleep he put his
48:45head on a rock in the name of the place
48:46was packed
48:47uh-huh god help us we got a lot use them
48:49we got something we Jeremy a real Honda
48:52we got some explaining to do to these
48:54focus they’re gonna ask us questions and
48:56he saw and he saw a stairway a ladder it
48:59was really a stairway in Hebrew you saw
49:01a ladder with angels going up and down
49:03on it and y’all know y’all y’all know
49:06arm well we’ll come on
49:08not Sunday people that y’all know better
49:09car 3 Malachi Street will a man Rob God
49:12wherever his here you were robbed me you
49:15have robbed the entire offered prove me
49:17tried me and I will open up a window of
49:20that’s a portal
49:21i’ma open up a window and he’s gonna
49:25pour out a blessing so things can come
49:28back everywhere falling out the sky but
49:30through portals to certain places
49:32when Jacob realized that he had that
49:34dream you said this place is a port he
49:36got a Rockies in this and I’m gonna set
49:37up some right here just right here where
49:39God is revealing himself that’s why we
49:42go to church you got that’s why you got
49:44to be the right Church it’s a portal
49:46opened over your church there’s a portal
49:48open in your life but you got to look at
49:50all of this stuff this is we gotta look
49:53at all of this stuff I don’t want to
49:54call the science because they they could
49:55use the word a day use it but there’s
49:57some things we got to do the problem is
49:59how God moving when God moving God he
50:01tells us how we move because he wants to
50:02trust them but those other people say no
50:05no God is me that’s not community
50:06telling you everything those other
50:08beings are friendly come on this is
50:10Aleister Crowley read a little bit
50:11Aleister Crowley right here buddy all
50:16Aleister Crowley originally named Edward
50:19Alexander Crowley born October 12th 1875
50:23loyal royal Leamington Spa England died
50:28December 1st 1947 Hastings British
50:32occultus writer and Mountaineer who was
50:35a practitioner of magic as he spelled it
50:38and called himself the Beast 666 he was
50:42denounced in his own time for his
50:45decadent lifestyle and had few followers
50:48but he became a cult figure after his
50:51death multiple Masonic degrees to order
50:54the OTO all type of secret orders he
50:57just mastering and running through the
50:59law she’s running amok in Freemasonry
51:01running amok another guy now now y’all
51:04remember that Oh Jack Parsons was rich
51:07lady woman is his grandfather lost all
51:09their money in the stock in the stock
51:11market when the stock market crashed he
51:13had to turn around you know he’s just
51:14started going to school and all this
51:15stuff but he constantly stayed reading
51:18books and thinking about the Stars and
51:20he end up getting on
51:22and he end up working you know working
51:23government contracts and doing all of
51:25this stuff and in the midst of him
51:27working I’m going back a little bit in
51:29the midst of them working he said I want
51:31to open up portals I want to get
51:33knowledge because those beings on the
51:34other side can give me knowledge on how
51:36we can how we can’t advance as a people
51:40so he wanted to get a higher knowledge
51:42from people or beings in another realm
51:45ooo fools called a grandma in but they
51:48said these are advanced beings some
51:50people call them gods they’re all the
51:52same thing we call them watchers we call
51:54them principalities but these are not
51:56demons that these people are dealing
51:57with some of them are some of them are
52:00they getting direction from
52:02principalities from Watchers from other
52:04beings that’s in the heavens that’s
52:06rulers that rule nations and rule
52:09kingdoms this is why the pharaoh had to
52:11have wise men around them hair bottom
52:14that people always got to have preachers
52:15or wise men or priests around of the
52:18divine that signs of the time remember
52:21when Israel was coming up Saul went
52:23crazy he was like he was like where’s
52:25Sam we’ll add you got to have a while
52:26you gotta have somebody tapped into that
52:28realm to talk to them but to get
52:29Direction everybody can’t do that and
52:32countries and different people they
52:34always acknowledge that so Parsons end
52:36up blowing yourself up now he blew
52:38herself up if some people said it was
52:40suicide some people said no it was a you
52:43know was it was murder but there was a
52:45lot of stuff around him and later on
52:46people were embarrassed that he was
52:48involved in the occult but they said
52:50that he did he did some rituals they
52:52were doing Babylon work and they were
52:53doing a few different rituals and he did
52:55a ritual and he opened up the fabric of
52:57heavens he opened up two portals and an
52:59opening of them portals he died they say
53:01in magic the person that opens it up
53:04there’s the one like we took my binding
53:07and loosen the person that opens it up
53:08is the person that’s supposed to close
53:10it he end up dying and it’s interesting
53:13that this stuff happened in the forties
53:15and in the forties is when y’all said
53:17y’all that broswer thing when you’re 47
53:2048 Beth Israel became a state people
53:23started seeing all over the planet
53:25started seeing UFOs right at that same
53:29time that they say they ripped and
53:31opened up some of these portals people
53:33started seeing UFOs he went he and
53:35running into this fool right here Alex
53:36Alice Crowley Crowley another rich guy
53:39everybody in rock-and-roll loves him
53:41everybody in the cult loves him there’s
53:42a video with Jay Z out say do what thou
53:45wilt that’s the whole of the law and
53:47that’s the shirt that Jay Z was wearing
53:49so Jay Z was very familiar with Alice
53:52he said do what you want to do now Alice
53:55crowd now Aleister Crowley he was heavy
53:56cuz he believed in magic Jack Parsons
53:59believed in magic l ron Hubbard he
54:02believed and he wrote a book dying that
54:03acceptance over a hundred million and he
54:05and he opened up the whole Scientology
54:07and he said I’m gonna descend to
54:09religion he opened up a boat company and
54:11all that stuff and Parsons beat it and
54:13he beat pastas for money and he bought a
54:14yacht but people involved in Scientology
54:16right now they can go out there like
54:19nazy people and be on a boat cuz that
54:20guy was upset with he was obsessed with
54:22the boat but all of them were involved
54:24they’re ritualistic sex magic because
54:26they believe ritualistic sex magic and
54:28raise your gross raise your energy when
54:31you have it sex and he had different
54:33degrees one of the degrees that he had
54:35was the seventh degree was the degree of
54:37masturbation you got a masturbator lot
54:39you gotta draw that energy from when
54:41you’re having an orgasm they said when
54:42two people come together now a lot of
54:44people took my black magic or you gotta
54:46get with your queen and light a candle
54:48and do all this other strange stuff and
54:50then he had an eight that he had the
54:52Knights now the ninth one man he now all
54:55of them was supposed to be heterosexual
54:57but they started having orgies in their
54:59house and when you get to the highest
55:01order and you’re rockin with the OTO and
55:03you want to come through or the degrees
55:05that really communicate with them beings
55:07you got to get through the ninth degree
55:08in the ninth degree is a homosexual act
55:11everybody everybody linking everybody
55:13everybody doing everything and a lot of
55:16people from Hollywood started getting
55:18initiated into the stuff so that’s when
55:20some people like Kent Williamson listen
55:22man listen I opened up this door and
55:23I’ve seen them and people start telling
55:25my these rather your load of stuff that
55:26these people gotta do I could believe
55:28that stuff because I see what the occult
55:29has got to do because this is what the
55:31beings command for you to have
55:33communication with them and then you’ll
55:36get and they claim that their reward
55:38you’ll get blessings you’ll get money
55:39you’ll have miracle you’ll have power
55:41you can’t command things at a certain
55:43stage in magic in the occult
55:45I used to know some other cats and they
55:46was like we was doing some we was doing
55:48I’m going up I’m going up you know hi we
55:50don’t a penitentiary to talk and we were
55:52talking you know we was lecture talking
55:53some other brothers and they was like
55:55manis and we just want y’all to pray for
55:57us because we’re going into the you know
55:58he going in there and there’s a lot of
56:00cats that’s form a lot of cats out here
56:02working this magic they work at rituals
56:04they doing voodoo you’re good and you
56:06gonna do got some people that’s
56:08everybody’s not saved but you got some
56:10people that respect a Christian
56:12worldview you could have a Christian
56:14worldview cause you grew up in church
56:16you respect your grandma and so you hear
56:17people banging on Christian you get mad
56:19so they was like you’re them dudes who
56:21practices some devil worship they
56:22practices some other stuff but these
56:24cats were getting cake they were getting
56:26plenty money they would they would
56:28perform rituals they were involved in
56:30that these people would they would they
56:31would they were homosexuals but they
56:33were involved in magic ain’t getting
56:34plenty of money they in coops and all of
56:36that they would go on Madison Avenue
56:38they would go in Manhattan and they
56:39would walk in the store and put on a
56:41make put on chinchilla and start
56:42speaking in tongues and walk right out
56:44in front of security like they’re
56:46invisible or something they just start
56:48speaking and some rituals in another
56:50language latin or whatever it is and
56:51they just walk out with Rick put watches
56:54on cardi and they walk out with glasses
56:56and all type of links and rings and they
56:58just and and people just don’t need this
56:59like they don’t even see them so so so
57:02there’s things that you can do when
57:03people start saying you’re selling your
57:05soul you’re opening up portals you’re
57:06getting guides and you’re putting a
57:08force feel around you and all of this
57:10stuff a lot of this stuff comes from
57:12people like Aleister Crowley and Jack
57:14Parsons now he told them that people can
57:17before you contact them what people can
57:19really do is a lot of people can raise
57:22their own chakras can raise their own
57:24energy so you can get into that realm
57:26where you can communicate with them this
57:28rituals that you have to do and all of
57:31them practice sexual sexual or magic
57:35they call it black magic and you see the
57:37way he spelt magic that these are the
57:39type of people that we’re dealing with
57:41some people said he was part of
57:42government agencies and dis and that but
57:45Parsons and a lot of these other people
57:47were scientists and leaders wise men in
57:50this country in Europe even afterwards a
57:53lot of people had beef with Aleister
57:55Crowley but right now in the occult
57:57world among magicians among mystics
57:59that’s a terran masons rocky rock
58:01musicians raffles people in Hollywood
58:04they all recognize his ritual and they
58:07practice certain things
58:08what’s the lady with the spirit cooking
58:11the other day that was a Jay Z’s video
58:13she’s talking about the energies of she
58:15somebody put her name down and the thing
58:18Robbo’s put that girl name down in a
58:20thing and she talked about certain
58:23things that Aleister Crowley talks about
58:25he talks about getting that menstrual
58:27blood you got to get that menstrual
58:29blood that’s energy and tell me you
58:30black folk been practicing that then
58:32lady said I like that man right there
58:33she went got somebody come got some of
58:35that blood and put in his spaghetti and
58:37lot of y’all folk was doing that
58:38question people but I love this man I
58:40want this man I’m gonna make a nice
58:42spicy dinner for him he’ll love me after
58:45I’m done with him and this is many and
58:47these are rituals that work these are
58:49rituals they may be demonic they may be
58:51of the world but their rituals and they
58:53definitely work this is the being that
58:56he called off 90 years ago it’s so funny
59:01to just being from another world look
59:04like all of them beings that started
59:06showing up in 1947 when they see a
59:10balloon burst in Roswell area 51 they
59:13got it’s so funny that he went to commit
59:17they had a seance in CHEM it and his
59:20wife and him calls of spirits and this
59:21is the spirit that gave him the book of
59:24the law all of these people write books
59:25on the inspiration of spirits or
59:27channeling and stuff like that and his
59:29ritualistic books at the Niemen the
59:31religion that he started that a lot of
59:33rock stars a lot of ac/dc and Ozzy
59:36Osbourne and a lot of people that
59:38Hollywood follow its dis or bastardized
59:40version of what they would call Kabbalah
59:42it’s some of that stuff it’s so strange
59:45that this looks like it
59:47this looks like a an alien that’s how
59:51could we gotta go somewhere with this
59:52UFO connection with these beings that’s
59:55coming people said a being came into my
59:57room and I was so scared I was laying
59:59Close Encounters of the third time and
60:01it took me up there and they and
60:03everybody say cuz if they’re so advanced
60:05and they come from another planet why
60:06almost everybody that was abducted said
60:09make their all when when they abduct him
60:11they’re always trying to take tests on
60:13them they’re touching their private
60:14parts take anything
60:15your bottle certain crack what are they
60:17doing what are they doing this is this
60:20is I’m sorry yo I’m sorry this is I’m
60:24what are they doing I’m trying to clean
60:27it up this time I can’t talk too much
60:29happy what where’s the stuff coming from
60:34and then and and and the lady door the
60:36rituals were chained see she’s heavy she
60:38was heavy into CODIS of just magic
60:41rituals these are just things I draw
60:43with blood and I do certain things and
60:45why are they so heavy into the blood and
60:47sperm and marina extra blood why Audrina
60:51was there in a marina emblem and yes
60:56she’s popular she’s very popular spirit
61:00she’s spirit cooking is her faint wanna
61:03change the other rich people around
61:05Rockefellers and them used to have big
61:06parties and don’t I’m not telling my
61:08radical jay-z until my the real folk
61:10he’s the gay parties a heady folk around
61:13and house we were cooking rituals forget
61:16we ain’t even get on below me be on ball
61:18Bohemian Grove yet we didn’t even get on
61:20that yet Richard Nixon and all of them
61:22got into head of Times Magazine and all
61:23the mother folk before go and they have
61:25rituals and they work certain things
61:27because they need guidance for the movie
61:29it’s to do what they do it to say this
61:33is the problem other people say well no
61:35it’s not really no problem it’s not
61:36really no problem alright I said I was
61:38gonna stop right here with the arm we
61:40just slice out of a sheer color them cuz
61:43I didn’t even bring my patreon people on
61:44today but these are some things we got
61:46some things we got we got to look at you
61:48we gotta look at you now it gets we
61:51gotta go to the point of how much these
61:58these beings done ran amok down here and
62:00why are these people trying to rush us
62:03into a certain age of dealing with them
62:07if it’s just if it’s just foolishness
62:09why are we so pressed why are they so
62:11pushing us with a doctrine because they
62:13are forcing a doctrine on us who
62:15everything we see the forcing a doctrine
62:17orders why is that
62:19commanding any questions go ahead
62:21brother I’m trying to close some stuff
62:22up here not it they’ve been agreeing
62:24with us uh
62:25one was after that marina day was
62:28talking about pizza gate that’s yes yeah
62:31that’s dealing with spirit cooking and
62:33that’s wonderful that’s one of the
62:34rituals they do just oddly just to go
62:37into that a little bit what they believe
62:39is like when they make when they do
62:41homosexual acts two men or little boys
62:45they like to use little kids because
62:47they say
62:48the energy from the blood is the purest
62:50yes program a child now what they do is
62:54and what people don’t realize when you
62:56get when they when you get raped and
62:58they used to say they used to do it in
62:59the Masonic Lodge on the black on the
63:02black horse named late at night but when
63:04when when someone is rate they split
63:06your personality and one personality can
63:09be controlled by an entity that’s why
63:11people be like I don’t know why I feel
63:13like this well this is the spirit that’s
63:15been put on you and they don’t rip the
63:17soul so on multiple so multiple or
63:20demons or spirits can come in and
63:22exactly get Sock’em a lot of people are
63:25really really really against you know
63:26molested children and stuff like that
63:28but the other lady what’s that book that
63:30was her name roadies came to set the
63:32captives free and then said that on she
63:35said one of the main things we do we
63:37connect a brown yes Rebecca brown she
63:39said we give money to churches and
63:41that’s the quickest way you could move
63:43up in the church give money and then we
63:45become Sunday school teachers and we
63:46just get in and get the molesting the
63:48kids we even if even if the spirit don’t
63:50work that trauma is so much in them
63:52later on they’ll start acting out
63:54they’ll start doing all the type of sex
63:56crazy stuff they’ll be they’ll do
63:57anything they’ll get to doing anything
63:59and you know and that’s because they
64:02open up doors for spirits to getting
64:04them from trauma or from speed from fear
64:06that’s one of the you know that’s one of
64:08the main channels that they use avenues
64:11that they use for all opening up some
64:14doors go ahead Robert talk it for a
64:15minute are you somebody I’m gonna
64:17rummages I’m gonna just elaborate on the
64:19stuff he was talking about and I’m a
64:20pretty aggressive yeah okay like when
64:24you talk about the Bombur anuman and
64:26astrophysics you would look up just type
64:29in Project Paperclip
64:31there will be yeah that’s perfect data
64:33formal organization dealing dealing with
64:35that and then we also have CERN in
64:38science whistling with the large it’s
64:40the large large LHC which is a large
64:43hydro Collider and I believe there was
64:45Dawkins spoke that when they turned that
64:49thing up to forty four forty percent
64:51power and this was like back in 15 2015
64:552 thousand fifteen apparition started to
64:58to come out and then they burned up a
65:00bunch of magnets and
65:01to go offline for a couple years but
65:03they just restarted it back up that’s
65:05where you get the new of the new five
65:08elements Merovingian and all those new
65:11elements on the periodic chart because
65:14these are they were trying to find the
65:16original nebula or the god particle
65:19yeah no Big Bang and and they’ve been
65:21doing this for years and now China is
65:24also building a new hydro collided it’s
65:26gonna be bigger than the one it’s wished
65:28me because they have to build a Collider
65:31that can hold an element you know now
65:33they’re dealing with different metals
65:35things of that nature but all these are
65:37spirits that manifest because I always
65:40say you know God made us in his own
65:43image out of the dust of the ground on
65:45earth but you have these falling
65:46entities using other you know you could
65:50just say celestial planes because when
65:53you talk about an alien alien only means
65:55that you’re not indigenous to that yeah
65:58yeah that’s that’s the large hydro
66:00Collider and that is the the Shiba the
66:03God of War statue and they not supposed
66:06to not be religious but they have she
66:08why would that be the fun that’s why I
66:09brought that I’ve been made that big why
66:11would that be in the front of we deal
66:12with all scientists that say they don’t
66:13believe in they don’t believe in the
66:15same thing what CERN what they’re trying
66:17to do is they’re trying to take it a
66:18step further than parson they’re trying
66:20to prepare for the death trying to
66:21prepare for the end and their day doing
66:23certain things to us cuz remember I said
66:25everybody believed that somebody has
66:27come in they want they want to open them
66:29they wanna open portals so individuals
66:31can come down here and then looking for
66:32arm and then looking for one you know of
66:35course we the hater so we are called an
66:36antichrist but he’s coming with Lion
66:38signs and wonders I think when we pick
66:40up so I think when we pick up next week
66:42we’re gonna talk about the arm we’re
66:45gonna talk about that the movie
66:47Frankenstein is based on the of being
66:49out of the Kabbalah that the Jewish
66:51rabbis talked about making and they said
66:53they could bring a spirit inside of him
66:55and wake him up and that’s part of what
66:57the babylon working was remember we go
66:59we gonna go further but what we start
67:01talking about the babylon working and
67:03stuff that Aleister Crowley and then
67:04we’re doing they said listen we will
67:06have some magical sex and and we’re
67:08gonna and we’re gonna make a we gonna
67:09make a baby we don’t make a woman he end
67:11up taking Jack Parsons wife she divorced
67:14Jack boss and it started
67:15with him because she was liking the
67:16ologies and stuff that they were having
67:18and it turned into a whole zoo but there
67:20were the ones that handily influenced
67:22Hollywood in the occult because the
67:24occult thing is part of the religion
67:26with the sex magic now some people were
67:28just coming to have sex but most of them
67:30were coming so they can keep the power
67:32and the prestige that they had and other
67:34ones just wanted to meet the beings or
67:36they wanted blessings from all of these
67:38beings i’ma stop here and go ahead I’m
67:39gonna go back to reading these um it’s
67:42funny it’s funny remember how like we
67:44were speaking about the 1948 prophecy
67:46how they try to speed up prophecy
67:49because they know the Bible when you’re
67:50dealing with sorry you can go to
67:51revelations the angels that had the keys
67:54to unlock the pit and that’s what they
67:56are quite in CERN with like they want to
67:59open this portal or open this gate
68:02you know before time to unleash those
68:05those locked up angels and they locked
68:07up angels that they speak about that God
68:08said or worse than the devil was those
68:10angels that came down to Mount Hermon
68:13and that’s and the other ones you asking
68:17them the other ones that’s their that’s
68:19their Mans and I’m just locked up they
68:21try to break them out of prison ahead of
68:22time run amok it gets so deep and that’s
68:30when people start to I’m not want to say
68:32it started sound spooky but that’s when
68:34you got to look around you you know
68:36where you got a harp were they doing
68:38weather weather weather modification
68:41Crossley making it rain they making it
68:43rain for real not like the strip club no
68:45they put nickel in hair and your body
68:47can’t can’t break down this certain
68:49trace this about autism and you know the
68:53men are more feminine now list of
68:55chemicals they pumping in the air wrecks
68:5781 in June of 2000 on the UN you know
69:00with this new world where all the world
69:03is coming together and they’re gonna end
69:04world hunger and and all this well
69:06somebody got to die for them to end
69:09world hunger
69:10world hunger and then that also goes
69:13back to the Georgia God knows where they
69:15talk about keep the population on the
69:17500 million get that book but they said
69:23Wesley Muhammad’s book is good he down
69:24with the Nation of Islam but he bought
69:25he bought her arm
69:27wrote a book about that you know I think
69:28that’s what is what you caught it was
69:30then you know you gotta do you gotta
69:31really gotta earn degree that’s what his
69:33degree is in they said that they put in
69:35chemicals that we this ain’t regular we
69:37this is a marijuana our this is some
69:39local stuff that they doing and
69:40advancing it’s for a reason
69:42oh go ahead is that cuz because when you
69:45get to the marijuana see you got
69:47marijuana is grown with CBD and THC CBD
69:50is actually the healing component in
69:53marijuana and you can extract that THC
69:56down to the lowest a number so you won’t
69:59be – because that’s just the what gives
70:02you the high THC gives you the high CBD
70:04is the healing component so what he was
70:07talking about is the loud they growing
70:09you know when you get into Denver and
70:10that medical marijuana they’re mixing
70:13this up and adding certain chemicals to
70:15what’s supposed to be loud and it’s deep
70:18in eyes and the man you know and then
70:20you’re getting on the surf the perch the
70:22percocets the fizz you know all these
70:25they you know damask elating it and and
70:28uh can’t break down a lot of that a lot
70:31of those chemicals you put into your
70:33body because you know fear activates
70:37your what’s that fluid you got a natural
70:40cocaine I can’t think of the fluid man
70:44you you develop cocaine naturally when
70:47you’re in fear yes dopamine dopamine you
70:51can develop natural dopamine in the
70:53brain from fear that’s another way when
70:56they use ayahuasca and DMT actually one
70:59of the most open potent uh drugs is
71:03adrenochrome adrenochrome can only be
71:06extracted when someone is at the point
71:08that they’re about to die and you have
71:11to extract it from the spinal cord so
71:13this is another way that they
71:15decalcified a pineal gland to get into
71:18that third eye but we know no man comes
71:20to the Father except through the Sun and
71:22that’s why in the New Testament speaks
71:24of Jesus having the keys to heaven and
71:27earth and all power is in his hand
71:32nothing we gotta look at a lot of people
71:34don’t know better when we start dealing
71:35with that that’s why but even when you
71:37go back to alms and he had the girl tape
71:39that was taken
71:41in the house or helped us kill that oh
71:45yeah y’all don’t know listen there’s a
71:48lot of people popping up missing all
71:50over those people are practicing rituals
71:52not only here Mexico Africa people are
71:54practicing things and end and what’s
71:57that Vice had a documentary on and he
71:59said listen certain things we got to go
72:00to the graveyard certain things we need
72:02a young moley certain things we need
72:04human blood certain things we need you
72:05know we need this this body part we need
72:07the heart of a child and you know all of
72:09this crazy stuff people believe that and
72:11don’t just think it’s mind people people
72:13all over the world are practicing this
72:14stuff because this stuff works y’all
72:17hear me this stuff works that’s why they
72:18doing it and they doing it you know
72:20somebody might say well they doing it
72:22for selfish gain or whatever or but
72:24because more and more people are
72:25practicing that stuff more and more
72:27people are popping up missing more and
72:29more strange things don’t it was just a
72:31suicide more and more straight organs
72:33missing all type of crazy stuff it’s
72:35just not the scientific purposes a lot
72:37of this stuff is for cult purposes grace
72:39appease Virgil said y’all seen the
72:42Facebook portal and with Kim Kardashian
72:44or copper period in the pyramid not on
72:46had to go look into that Jeremy said
72:49population control is the basis of all
72:51kinds of evil I agree with that 100%
72:55that’s how come I can’t really be mad at
72:57some of these young people when they be
72:59like yo can’t you see it on try to
73:00control mice to religion I can
73:03understand what they’re trying to say
73:05with certain things but if you’re
73:07following the right belief system it’s
73:09gonna speak against what deeds fucking
73:10doing and there’s no and it’s in there
73:12that’s where forgive me y’all yeah I
73:14know I got a thump it out not to 5%
73:16lessons I don’t see this thing exposing
73:18it I got a book and exposed this stuff
73:20and it ain’t the hadith and it ain’t the
73:22Quran it ain’t of Venus it ain’t the 128
73:25secret teachings of all agent and it
73:27ain’t morals and Dogma it ain’t guess
73:29but guess what it is that same book
73:31y’all ain’t even reads and dust the
73:32thing on the side of the bed there’s
73:34that book right the exposing all this
73:36stuff fridge it’s all this stuff and you
73:39see these cats an apron and a ram doing
73:40what the books say don’t don’t do but it
73:43does give some type of power and more
73:46and more people are falling for it
73:48because they love not the truth because
73:50they’ve been to see or a book ain’t
73:51nothing ever gained so because they love
73:53not the truth
73:54something came and I can’t even be mad
73:57because because rich said that strong
73:59delusion comes from God the truth is so
74:02powerful you better just leave that
74:04thing alone running me be around and go
74:05play yourself if you don’t know that’s
74:07one thing but if you know and then you
74:09and you turn it over now and go attend
74:11I’m going with telling their wife okay
74:13now go get me you deliberately walking
74:15away from the truth for the RIC because
74:17the skin color something that was made
74:18up under two years later that’s the
74:22social construct that is put out here so
74:23skin cousin already mean nothing y’all
74:25do know that right oh but some people
74:27see oh you know black people better than
74:28white folk and what no wait listen black
74:30folk out here doing everything white
74:32folk do sauce in same thing
74:35oh we pure them we better than them no
74:37no no no that that this is a thing of
74:39the heart this is a thing of the heart
74:41we gotta make sure we keep everything in
74:44its proper perspective
74:45now people got beef that don’t mean we
74:47can’t discuss it justices that don’t
74:49mean we can’t discuss certain things and
74:51that’s where I feel some people could
74:53say you’re the church no Rock they but
74:54asleep just love don’t worry about this
74:57don’t worry about that and beef okay D
74:59folk steady killing that’s a whole
75:00nother story go check this out it’s
75:03funny they everybody followed a Bible
75:06right if the planet started out black
75:09who was these angels having sex with was
75:12it boy oh boy
75:17if you want to be honest if everything
75:19started black and we you know now we go
75:22so far you know I’m saying if it started
75:25with melon native people milla native
75:27people was the one in the fog you know
75:30we we can define you know I’m saying so
75:33I’m like if you’re gonna take the Bible
75:34you gotta take it all even know okay I
75:37got messy your mama used to give that
75:39medicine you gonna take this board
75:40you’ll love it you gonna take it but now
75:45but now I can’t even say that cuz it
75:47might be the wrong people in here but to
75:49be honest Perry listen listen to me
75:52Johnson listen to me right now
75:53to be honest a lot of people say when
75:57you talk about the watches when you talk
75:59about the great people this science of
76:01the great people actually comes from
76:04Atlantis let me ask
76:07was who’s in here Yolanda who’s in here
76:09right now Jeremy did the Egyptians talk
76:11about olanta so did we get that from
76:13Plano win and and Europeans
76:15no you’re right you gotta speak speak
76:19ideas because you only hear from Plato
76:22because some people feel if we got it
76:24from them and there’s certain things
76:26that came down they said some people
76:28would argue and that’s where it goes
76:30into other things with the Bible in
76:32Genesis and cerfancy doctrine that those
76:35people are not uh not non-human those
76:38are not our people there’s people on the
76:39arguing that and I’m just putting it out
76:41there so y’all can know there are some
76:43people that believe that all other
76:45ethnic groups just like the Aryans used
76:47it on blacks are not the children of God
76:50the true humans they’re the beasts of
76:52the field but the Nation of Islam other
76:54people have taught that Europeans were
76:56not of the same what the same thing but
76:58they flipped it in reverse and they said
77:00white people are not of us Europeans are
77:02that’s like I’m hitting the numbers
77:04looking for these tall blond people cuz
77:06they they belong to the devil their
77:08children of the devil that serpent seed
77:10doctrine that the serpent seed doctrine
77:13teaches that when the serpent talked to
77:15Eve on he really seduced her had sex she
77:18had one baby and an Adam turned taranta
77:20had another baby with her that’s two
77:22different reasons two different manner
77:24of people we got to be careful how we
77:26read in this book because all of these
77:28doctrines are out here beginning to Lily
77:30now all of the all of these doctrines
77:33are out here and people are out here
77:34talking Oh what was that mark said I
77:39have an issue with what he said is you
77:41with AIDS they have a sex with human
77:43beings so these angels have penises not
77:45seen as yes yes we believe that they can
77:47take water for everybody don’t believe
77:48this and it’s okay that don’t mark
77:50everybody don’t believe that especially
77:51after all
77:53st. Augustine more and more people
77:54believed it originally but if you don’t
77:57believe that there’s a lot of explaining
78:00to do with that Old Testament all of
78:02them women covering they hear all of
78:05this other day you know part that that’s
78:07part of it where these giants come from
78:09why did he destroy the world from other
78:12Elohim so other gods must came down here
78:14did something with human blood with the
78:16human can we would be God’s creation to
78:18make him want to just wipe out
78:19everything go see was that
78:21he made a mistake he that no Adam was
78:23gonna send that much or did something
78:25cause wickedness to go to another level
78:27that we got so do some questions that we
78:30gotta ask but there’s a bunch of people
78:31that don’t witness bringing things out
78:34there’s a bunch of people that don’t
78:35believe that especially when you look at
78:38scriptures like oh he said they shall be
78:41like the angels in heaven then now the
78:43marriage nor given in marriage but then
78:45we gotta ask questions if angels
78:46appeared to enlighten them and then men
78:48seen them and wanted them they must look
78:50like some men that mean they had beers
78:51they had muscles and to think of bears
78:53and Muslims they might got some other
78:54parts that humans have
78:57which clearly we see that they took on
78:59the form of humans Jesus was God just
79:01came any and I think Jesus Peter dude I
79:07think she just went to the bathroom for
79:08them 33 years he was down he had to cuz
79:11he he got tired he was hungry and when
79:18he come they chill they eat they take
79:19sacrifice they do certain things so so
79:21so it’s not I don’t think it’s totally
79:25and an end and clearly read clearly read
79:28how do we how do you interpret I just
79:30three main interpretations for Genesis 6
79:33and 2 those were the righteous children
79:34of God having sex with the bad people
79:37the bad sinful seed those are the sons
79:39of God but that don’t explain where
79:40Giants come from but there’s three main
79:42interpretations what we deal with
79:43Genesis 6:1 who fought is three main
79:46interpretations that’s how I might say
79:47bible thumpers have to be careful
79:49because what we deal with Christendom
79:51that’s Christians all over Catholic
79:53Orthodox all of the Protestants on the
79:55planet when you deal with them everybody
79:58even Muslims that read the scripture
80:00those Muslims read our text too
80:01they have a view on this also can I go
80:05to agree with that also and on top of
80:08that we have to always we have to also
80:11look at the connection with why would
80:14the Greeks and so many other people talk
80:16about giants and gods coming down here
80:18and taking women and people being half
80:20born from gods do you know that’s others
80:24because we got those cultures that
80:25spread all over the world that people
80:27believe that gods came down here and to
80:29woman and different myths all over the
80:31planet and I don’t believe that those
80:32are just lying stories awfully
80:34is true than those myths but I believe
80:36what RIT is saying it has to do with
80:38some actual stuff that’s me personally
80:40so like I said this one getting to us
80:42out they should we still brothers and
80:43sisters and in the Lord even though we
80:45review it differently but these are
80:46things that we have to talk about
80:47especially with believers in this age
80:50right now because if you look on YouTube
80:53because the YouTube Enoch is getting
80:55shine the Book of Enoch that is is
80:57getting shine like no other book in the
81:00history of religion people out here
81:02talking about Enoch and the mere fact
81:05that Enoch is in the Ethiopian Church
81:07and in their kin and we we did this is
81:10bring in a lot of people YouTube and
81:12stuff is bringing the church to cast and
81:14answer certain things many foods running
81:17around here well why we ain’t got it
81:18what they trying to had a white man do
81:20you don’t eat they got why or why is it
81:21not in the Bible it wasn’t about the
81:23King James check it out here people want
81:25to know some stuff and really really
81:26looking into it so the church you know
81:28we’re just going and touching our
81:29neighbor but we got to discuss these
81:30things we got to bring certain things
81:32out and history of how the doctrine
81:34developed where the doctrine was
81:36suppressed so you know we’re the church
81:38one goes through like I said like Mike
81:40Hines has said like so many Tom Horne
81:42and I’m like so many other people say
81:44that this was very very popular German
81:46Jesus name during Jesus and we found a
81:49book of the Giants among the Dead Sea
81:51soldier and Jesus in them town John the
81:53Baptist in a time so all of them knew
81:55this dude knew this Peter knew this they
81:58knew these books better than we know
81:59these books you know there may not be in
82:02a Bible but they do these doctrines and
82:03they were incidents by these doctrines
82:05these were teachings that were around
82:06great brother let me try to read some
82:08more i’ma just reiterate for Genesis 6 I
82:12don’t know if if y’all was when I did
82:15the PowerPoint but and we do have the
82:17Seth I view that was the other view and
82:19then the the main view of the sons of
82:22God just look at context Bonet high
82:25Elohim you have to see when that was
82:27used in what context there was use what
82:29were Bonet high Elohim
82:31yes in the book of Job but nay hi Elaine
82:34you don’t see us becoming sons of God
82:36until the New Testament yes and then to
82:40reiterate on when uh when Jesus said you
82:44know they need to be given to marriage
82:45and you know they don’t have know when
82:47you when
82:48have they got to remember these angels
82:50left they estate so they did something
82:52they wouldn’t supposed to do period
82:54you’re supposed to watch him is not
82:56interact or change what humans was doing
83:00that’s why they got locked up that’s why
83:01God said is his demons worser than the
83:04devil the devil wouldn’t even crazy
83:05enough to leave his estate like that
83:07they left their estate so they had to
83:09get locked up and then to go to rob
83:11Moses you keep going back to Psalms 82
83:14in context that was a songwriter right
83:17in song or or or writing this this you
83:21could call it poem or song hello
83:24Houston’s and you know the divine
83:25council Elohim stands in the mystery
83:27Elohim God was speaking to not people
83:32he said ye say ye are gods but you’re
83:35gonna die like man this was not him
83:37talking to regular humans
83:40so that’s why when when Jesus reiterated
83:42in the New Testament he said ye say your
83:45he was just requote Psalms 82 but in in
83:49that sense in the New Testament those
83:51were those Elohim that was trying to act
83:54like they was a real guy in the same
83:57since the Pharisee says he’s trying to
83:59act like they was the same guy so in in
84:01in context Genesis I mean Psalms 82 is
84:05the heavenly Council
84:07it says heavenly Council and these are
84:10Everly spirits he’s speaking to so ain’t
84:14no other way to get around there but
84:16Naha elohim jeremy said he said the sons
84:20of god was used four times in Genesis
84:23and Daniel and Daniel is a problem
84:25Daniel Dan is another book deal with too
84:27much Daniels a problem when you start
84:29talking I remember we got into the whole
84:32big argument they telling me oh no watch
84:34it ain’t even in the Bible and I showed
84:36him Daniel it was you know does with me
84:39they hate me but I’m a read I’m a read
84:42two more let me see I married two more
84:43things in here and then we’re gonna arm
84:46then we main let me see let me see now
84:48this brings us to another thing I asked
84:51y’all when we started dealing with
84:52angels and we start dealing with Satan
84:54and Lucifer and they believe the devil
84:55is different and there’s a lot of people
84:57out here that’s searching for Lucifer
84:58they want they want
85:00become illuminated they want to become
85:01Lucifer’s they want to become gods they
85:03want to become Christ
85:05remember I said Freemasonry in the
85:07occult they were attempting they were
85:08they were attempting in secret destiny
85:11of America they were attempting to make
85:12America Jerusalem people were in Europe
85:14and they were opening up Masonic lodges
85:17and they were talking in there and they
85:18were practicing rituals based on Solomon
85:21temple people in Europe started saying
85:23it they would you they regard special
85:24people and then they started talking
85:26about prophecy in 1948 came about you
85:29know and that whole thing jumped off it
85:30was uh it was a hype it was a height
85:33what these people are doing attempting
85:35to mirror things in the spirit realm
85:37attempting to mingle things in the Bible
85:39if a messiah came and it’s coming back
85:41to deliver the people they’re preparing
85:43for somebody to come back it’s the same
85:45is the same exact thing right here and
85:47they’re trying to like he said they’re
85:49trying to rework prophecy to make things
85:51happen ahead of time but Christ said
85:53just like it was in the days of Noah one
85:56of the questions that I asked we were
85:58building up to this can they can one can
86:01spirits manifest can angels manifest
86:04themselves in a physical right now i got
86:06some baptist friends said no because of
86:08these last days he spoke at us to his
86:10son through the word so that verse right
86:12then hebrews mean that they don’t
86:14manifest themselves anymore after the
86:17after the Apostolic age after Peter…


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