Rachel Held Evans| Biblical Womanhood| Searching for Sunday|Inspired| Revs Reels

One of the powerful voices of our generation. Rachel Held Evans spoke to the need for Evangelicals to step back from their ways of exclusivity, discrimination, and marginalizing certain groups of people, and return to following Jesus. Jesus welcomes us all into His new family, and no one has the right to exclude people Jesus has made room for. Rachel Held Evans was 37. She stepped into that doorway, into the realm we call home much too soon for any of us who followed her work and were inspired by her words. Rest in peace my friend. We’ll miss your voice of reason, your God-given wisdom, and your words that encouraged us toward hope, in our faith, and have drawn us back into living out Jesus’ kind of love with everyone around us. We found you in Faith Unraveled, and A Year of Biblical Womanhood. You walked us through our Searching for Sunday, and you left us far too soon, but nonetheless, you left us Inspired to be who we ought to be, better. Used with permission from Travis at Work of the People.