P4CM Live Girl Chat w/ Jasmine Sims | “Dear Daughter” #Romance #DatingChronicles #Love

P4CM Live Girl Chat w/ Jasmine Sims | “Dear Daughter” #Romance #DatingChronicles #Love

Join us on Thu., 2/21 @ 8pm (CST) for a YouTube Live #GirlChat with Jasmine as she chats about the experiences of this piece, and how many women share these same experiences! It’ll be an awesome chat! Tell a girlfriend and tune in 😉

ORIGINAL VIDEO – https://p4cm.info/2VbJGNR

This piece, “Dear Daughter”, from poet Jasmine F. Sims literally blew the roof off the building! This piece is the poet’s advice to her future daughter, regarding protecting her heart, and being sure that she’s very clear about Who she belongs to!

Jasmine says, “I believe it is wisdom to learn from the experience of others, and so I placed my lessons when it comes to the heart in a poem for my future daughter but all can benefit from the message.”

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