Interview: Young Noah on How Money is Messing up the CHH Industry, Fake Trap Rappers + More

It’s been a good while since we’ve had Atlanta native, Young Noah on camera with us, and this conversation is one that every current and aspiring CHH artist needs to hear. He has A LOT to get off his chest when it comes to the new space that CHH is in. We also touch on his tour life, keeping balance and not allowing fame get to his head, call out fake trap rappers, and MUCH more. #Wadeoradio

[0:54] – Intro
[2:33] – Being booked/busy with fairly big tours
[3:45] – Fleeing the need to be seen as successful
[4:42] – Doing tour dates for cheap
[6:22] – Getting shows due to cheap tour price
[7:22] – How many CHH artists seem to have ulterior motives
[9:00] – Keeping the pace he sets as a music artist
[10:51] – “Human being aren’t made for praise”
[11:38] – Finding balance despite all the tours he’s done/doing this year
[13:20] – “You’re more than just a rapper”
[14:12] – Story behind how he got his stage name
[17:48] – The toll being in entertainment takes on people
[19:21] – Everyone doesn’t need to be a rapper
[20:55] – Fame isn’t all its cut out to be
[23:55] – “Be faithful with what God gives you”
[27:39] – Thoughts on Datin’s “CHH Ain’t Dead”
[29:35] – People say they aren’t CHH, but still do church shows
[31:49] – Lecrae’s example in “leaving” CHH
[34:28] – When people leave CHH, are they giving the Gospel and being Holy Spirit led?
[37:25] – What music is coming up next?
[38:29] – Fake trap rappers in CHH
[44:30] – Wanna reach the trap? Be you…be honest

Artist Info:
Twitter/IG: @realyoungnoah |

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