God can see the big picture for our lives! #LiveJakes

We’re not going to understand everything that happens. If you try to figure it all out, then you’ll get frustrated. God can see the big picture for our lives. He knows where the dead ends are, where the shortcuts are, where the bumpy roads are that are going to cause you heartache and pain. He’ll close doors that we prayed would open because He knows it’s going to be a waste of time. Trust in God.

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►►► Bishop T.D. Jakes is a ministry that reaches broken people and leads them to the healing hands of God. Bishop Jakes’ teachings are cutting edge, relevant and applicable to people of all ethnic, socioeconomic, and demographic backgrounds. So, enter the doors of The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX, where you’ll be strengthened, renewed, and you’ll discover who God designed you to be!

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