Moli-whut?: Interview with Tim Stratton on Molinism and Free Will

Moli-whut?: Interview with Tim Stratton on Molinism and Free Will

So, lately on my FaceBook timeline I’ve noticed there has been quite a stir among the urban apologetics community concerning what the Bible teaches on soteriology; basically doctrines related to what salvation is and how it occurs. Quite frankly soteriology is a subject I’ve intentionally avoided on Tru-ID because I understand it can be one of those subjects that fractures rather than builds. I felt that my primary goal was to provide content that people from all theological camps could benefit from and put to use. With that said, one’s understanding about salvation and how it occurs can have serious implications as to how you approach apologetics or articulate the gospel. So, I’ve lined up some guests who can educate us on a diversity of soteriological views. For this episode, we will be talking about “Molinism” with Tim Stratton, the founder of Free Thinking Ministries.

As I was just getting my feet wet in building a public apologetics platform , Tim Stratton, gave me my first shot at blogging and getting my ideas out there. It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally managed to get him on as a Tru-ID Guest. In addition to giving us an introduction to “Molinism”, Tim Stratton, gives us an overview of an argument he has developed called the Free Thinking Argument Against Naturalism***. Get ready for a heavy dose of apologetics and theology!!

Key Points:

Does the Bible teach that mankind has “free will”?

What is the Molinism?

What is soteriology?

What does Molinism have to do with soteriology?

What is the Free Thinking Argument Against Naturalism***?

***Note: Naturalism is basically a strict form of atheism.

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