TD JAKES – Get Out Of Gethsemane – AUG 6, 2017

“Get Out Of Gethsemane” Mark 14:32-42
It isn’t what you do in front of people that makes you great, it is what you do in those moments you are alone. Whenever you go through anything that really matters, you experience it alone. What will you give up to get what you want? Your character is determined by what you wont do to get what you want. We have a way of disguising our hunger in order to fit in, trying to impress people who don’t even matter. You have to be most careful when you are hungry as that is when your vision is out of line. There is no debate over what has been promised to us, the issue is the process! You’ve lost time thinking you can get something from God without a cost! You can’t have His promise your way. You have to identify who the Distant and Designated supporters are in your life so you can progress to the divine. Have you been in the garden too long? You have to get out in order to fulfill your destiny. What you have been wrestling with for years should have been over – it is time for you to get out of your own head!


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