Dr. Eric Mason on Race Relations + the Divide Between CHH and the Black Church and More



The Just Gospel Conference had a plethora of men and women from around the country as guests to speak on panels, and lead sessions on a wide variety of topics when it comes to social injustice and racial reconciliation. Dr. Eric Mason, pastor of Epiphany Fellowship, in Philadelphia sat down with DJ Wade-O and got into:

2:15 – What he sees in the culture of America and the Western Church
4:45 – Race issues over social media and pulpits
6:45 – The ethnic, and racial, and cultural divides in the American church
7:24 – What role CHH can play to help in the current climate
8:15 – The impact of past CHH artists & groups on the culture
10:08 – The mistake CHH made when establishing itself
13:29 – How CHH currently could impact the culture
14:20 – His influences in pastoring and preaching
16:48 – Why the traditional black church has has yet to fully embrace CHH
19:55 – What CHH should’ve done from jump, when dealing with the black church
20:49 – The generational gap between the black church concerning CHH
21:56 – Praise for Sho Baraka and similar content
23:45 – Crazy story from the earlier days of CHH
24:41 – Things he and his partners are working on

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