TD JAKES 2017 – #Sunday – Hidden In Plain Sight – Mar 5, 2017

TD JAKES 2017 – #Sunday – Hidden In Plain Sight – Mar 5, 2017
“Hidden In Plain Sight” 2 Kings 6:13-23; Ephesians 1; Hebrews 5:11-14
What are you missing and overlooking in your life, that is hidden in plain sight? You cannot have the power until you catch the vision. You are not in the trouble you think you’re in. God has orchestrated this trouble to be your training. Your trouble is an exercise to show your level of maturity. You cannot serve God without developing Spiritual Senses. You are asking God to get you out of the very thing He is using to teach you something. The same way you develop a muscle is the same way you develop your inner senses – USE THEM! Everything God sends you comes in the Spirit! You prosper in your Spirit before you prosper in the flesh. When God is fighting for you, He fights in ways you don’t even know how to use! God is repositioning your ENTIRE situation! You have been playing the wrong role – you are NOT a VICTIM, you ARE a VICTOR! If you operate in the flesh, you lose your defense. Your character is proven by what you do when you have the upper hand. When you stop doing what God told you to do, you become vulnerable to the enemy. Your help is hidden in plain sight! Walk in the spirit and let God show you how to take less and do more with it!

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