TD Jakes Show – Digital Infidelity

This show will give viewers an inside look into the secret world of digital infidelity. Technology has made it easier than ever before to cheat, without ever touching. Whether it’s watching online pornography, sending explicit words and photos (sexting,) buying time with a cam girl, instant messaging, “hook-up” apps, or social media we’ll get the low-down on the increasingly popular world of high-tech infidelity. Before the Internet, the advent of social media and smart phones, figuring out if your partner was cheating involved going through his pockets, checking credit card receipts, and possibly picking up the telephone extension.

According to experts between 10 and 20 percent of men and women, in long-term monogamous (marriage) relationships, do not stay faithful. A new study says, “The Internet has made cheating easier and addictive.” It’s almost as if we have to FIGHT the impulse NOT to cheat. The ever so popular phrase “O.P.P” (Other People’s Property) has been replaced by words like “back-burners,” “sexploration,” and “side piece.” We’ll expose some of the “hook-up” apps that are used strictly for sex; like Blendr, and Tinder. And for suspicious spouses, we’ll talk to a Los Angeles private investigator look at some of the latest gadgets that might help uncover the truth.

We will also hear from people that are cheaters and people that were cheated on. Renowned expert, Robert Weiss, will discuss the how infidelity in the digital age has changed relationships. Lastly, our private investigator will share some crazy stories and she will show us gadgets one can use if they suspect their mate may be cheating.

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