Bishop Noel Jones 11-20-16 Hour of Power

Bishop Noel Jones teaching on the sealing of the Holy Spirit at the City Of Refuge in Gardena, California. Recorded live and edited from Tallahassee, Florida.
It was an interesting dynamic, I took some people to Jamaica and showed them what poverty really was
and they stop complaining because they had to go and find

you know I had a pastor there
I’m trying to rectify her situation in the 21st century
she has an outside an outhouse and she lives in a tin house
she’s close to 80 years old pastoring in one of the roughest parts of Kingston and lives in a tin house now
now just think for a minute you’re living in a zinc house in a country that the temperature never drops below 80 degrees
think about that
think about a tin house zinc sister Richards and Kingston amazing house
that doesn’t begin to deal with the shanties
and the township’s in south Africa that just go on and on and on and on where you have millions of people in townships
two and three thousand people sharing the same bath and water think about that
went down to South African the rain came down the rain came down like pellets
it was slapping like ping-pong balls that’s rain

in a community that has no sewers no runoff for the water
as soon as the water hits you go into flood stage sitin the car and
you know people they try to impress you
so they rented some Mercedes to come and pick me up
my dad was in the car he was living then
they should have bought a four-wheeler sitting about the way up here somewhere like they have down in the south near the swamps and the rain came down and
we’re going down into this Hill going downhill and I’m looking down with water coming down water coming across and
I said to myself do you have any mercy the any insurance on this car
i said i hope you do because I’m about to get out of it you can keep going down there if you like
so i lowered the windows in case I got caught and I could get out
so I told my dad get out of here let’s get out while when control and don’t have a heart attack either and
lift your legs up and let’s climb backup the hill and
I paid whoever was available to get us back place flooded instantly give you another truth by time we walked away from the kind of time
they came back they were pulling it apart for vandalizing the car in all of that rain and stuff and stuff and stuff
yeah you have nothing to complain about really amen all you gotta do is go overseas somewhere and see how people make their lives
work with 1i odor of what you have got to complain about you still got your hair done come on amen
you still still still throw away more food and people have to eat
isn’t that true and so we just thank God and and don’t let this holiday season make you crazy amen
don’t let it make you crazy it’s just a tradition alrights o you don’t get a whole lot of stuff for Christmas huh

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