The Redemption of an African Warlord: The Joshua Blahyi Story by Joshua Blahyi (Free Book June 28, 2014)

The Redemption of an African Warlord: The Joshua Blahyi Story (a.k.a. General Butt Naked)
Publication Date: February 19, 2013
From being a priest in the kingdom of darkness to an evangelist in the
kingdom of light—this true story will shock and amaze you!

Jesus Christ appeared to Joshua Blahyi as a blinding light and told him that he would die unless he repented of his sins.

Joshua Blahyi grew up in Africa, became a powerful pagan priest in a local tribe, and then became one of the most feared warlords in Liberia. Under demonic influence, General Butt Naked fought and killed while he was naked; he personally sacrificed men, women, and babies, and forced children to abandon their families and fight with him.

Then, in a radical transformation like that of Paul on the road to Damascus, Joshua met Jesus face to face. His mission now is to reach out to others who are under evil’s delusions and reform the lives of his former soldiers, enemies of Jesus Christ, and anyone in need of hope and love.

Joshua Blahyi’s incredible story has been told in documentaries on PBS, CNN, BBC, and other media including the New York Times. His story appeals to everyone interested in foreign affairs, Africa’s mysterious spiritual culture, civil wars, Christianity, and child soldiers.


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