In Acts 8, we learn a lot about the providence of God when it comes to our personal salvation. We learn that it doesn’t matter who you are because Jesus was somebody for you. It doesn’t matter how badly you’ve screwed up your life through your sin—in Jesus Christ there is redemption, forgiveness, and salvation. In addition, we learn that it doesn’t matter where you are because Jesus seeks and saves the lost. The gospel is not about good people finding God; the gospel is about a good God finding people no matter who they are or where they are. Why? Why is there such good news for people who deserve nothing but the just wrath and judgement of God because of their sin? The answer to that question is profound yet simple: because Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Our sin is so serious that Jesus had to die and His love is so fierce that He was willing to die. Lastly, we learn that it doesn’t matter where you’re going. If you’ve been saved by Jesus, you’ve been sent by Jesus to love people and tell them the gospel.

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