Lexi – Abide (Song, Lyrics and mp3 Download)

Lexi – Abide
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Lexi – Abide (Lyrics):

I can dwell here forever

Right here in your holy presence

Nothing could ever be better

Better than this

And I can go on and on singing about your goodness and how your mercy will never end

I can fall deep in worship and never really scratch the surface

I can search skies above and never reach high enough

And this is where I belong right here at your throne

I find rest father rest

I will abide in you

So let me hide in you

You are my refuge

Cause their is safety in your arms

Let me stay here in your presence forevermore

Repeat verse

Repeat chorus (twice)

Give me some place you can find

To ease my trouble mind

I need some answers to some questions

Put my life in your direction

Walk until the truth’s uncovered

Talk until my troubles are over

I need to see you face to face and this is where I need to stay

I’d rather stay here with you (6 times)

Right here where I belong

I’d rather stay here with you (6 times)


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