Bishop TD Jakes – No More Drama Palm Sunday 3/24/13 (Video)

Bishop TD Jakes preaches a sermon entitled, "No More Drama" Sermon notes: Luke 19:28-40 Jesus set His face toward Jerusalem Jerusalem - the city of peace Jerusalem was in a state of turmoil There is a political disturbance, a religious disturbance, and an uprising understand when Jesus sent for the colt there was about to be some drama drama - a reenactment of reality pantomime suggested Beyonce there was a disturbance during the inauguration Jesus sent for the colt because there was about to be a play the colt had been unused and looked over up until that point the colt lived without a sense of purpose the colt isolation was a setup for his reservation when the time is right God will call you Jesus will redeem you and release you He never releases you to do your own thing He has a plan to rule over you


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