Bishop Noel Jones – A Changed Mindset (Video)

Sermon notes:
Matthew 17
Bishop Noel Jones PreachingJesus is transfigured
Matthew presentation is generally to show that Jesus is the king of the Jews.
Matthew uses teaching narratives
Jesus intends to upset
He upsets in order to gain
Folks hang with you in your glory
they disappear in your grief
many time church folk misrepresent Jesus
all of us should reflect Jesus
the church has spent more time dealing with its’ tradition
than dealing with a relationship with Jesus
sometimes we enjoy the status of being in church
disciples need to be shaken from time to time

Matthew 15
Matthew 16
In order to have new revelation God has to take you to a new level
revelation is never encountered unless their is a situation
revelation is connected to a need
the only way to grow to the next level is to be stretched to the very limit of your own psyche
if you can remember what Jesus has already done you won’t panic
all the time the disciples were with Jesus they still did not get it
one of the hardest things to do is to keep high expectations when you’ve been disappointed many times
mindset is formed over previous experiences
lowering expectations is a defense mechanism
when you lower your expectations you get exactly what you expect
your concept of God is unique
let go of things that are negative
faith is self identity
you choose who you make significant


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