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Dr. Jamal Bryant Sermons (Video Playlist)

Dr. Jamal BryantRadical, Revolutionary, Innovative, Anointed, and Cutting Edge are some of the words often used to describe Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant. This ministry driven vanguard has inspired thousands of believers around the nation. He has an unprecedented prophetic mantle that distinguishes him as a remarkable visionary who has made a powerful impact in the Christian Arena. Stepping out on faith and the support of 43 people who believed that God was going to do the unexpected, Dr. Bryant founded The Empowerment Temple. The first service was held on Easter Sunday, April 22, 2000, in a Baltimore City banquet hall. In just seven short years, God has directed the paths of over 10,000 members to Empowerment Temple, the fastest growing church in the A.M.E. denomination.

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  1. JED

    Good evening could anybody tell me where I can find pastor Bryan ” I’m tired of arguing ” sermon


      Try the podcast:

      or call the chruch: (410) 225-3494

  2. Brenda Fauntleroy

    I love the way he Pastor to me……..

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