Bishop T.D. Jakes – Finish Strong: Sit On Me (Video)

T.D. Jakes - Finish Strong: Sit On Me Sermon notes: Mark 11 Thank God for the little things When God has a plan for your life sometimes He has you tied up Sometimes God will tie you up until the time is right Praise God because you are His When the time is right God will loose you Fight your battles in Jesus name Isaiah 40 He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth. When Jesus sat on the colt the colt took Him into His destiny. Jesus will ride you into your destiny. The crucifixion was not the end, it was an interruption. Do not see your crosses as destinations. Trust God through the interruptions in your celebration and process.


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  1. tameka Avatar

    pray for us in this mid west, I see things and I hear my father instructing me and my children out of here, but where am I going , pray for me and a safe place, ST LOUIS City, men and women, children and elderly, trouble is here , every where you look

  2. tameka Avatar

    this lesson is so powerful that I still need to hear it to pull through some days.

  3. Erica Horton Avatar
    Erica Horton

    This message bless me as well and it has been a confirmation for me!! Thank you Jesus for tieing me up!!!

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