Video: Bishop T.D. Jakes – Save the Scraps 2


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  1. Lawanda Peter Avatar
    Lawanda Peter

    Praise The Lord Bishop Jakes I thank God for your ministery everytime I go through when you come on the TV there you are with a message from the Lord to help me overcome my affliction’s of this world. ressonly the Holy Spirit had to expose me for who I am not to discourage me but to let me know where I came from and how He brought me from that place as I was going through this revelation, my soul became convicted I was more thankful that the Lord had open my eyes to let me know who He is in my life and what He has done for me.I’m thankful for the word and all that I go through causes me to appreciateand worshop and love the Lord even more. Bishop Jakes I thank God for you a very wise man of the cloth may God continue to bless you and your ministery.

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