Video: Bishop TD Jakes – What’s The Big Idea

Video: Bishop TD Jakes – What’s The Big Idea

Sermon notes:
Genesis 39
When your vulnerable you can’t trust your own judgment
Don’t mistake the process for the purpose
Joseph was operating his gift from prison
How can someone as gifted as me have this many problems
Sometimes God holds you back so that when He releases you you’ll really have appreciation
Purpose will keep you alive
Some bitterness comes from what didn’t happen

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  1. Patricia bradford

    T.D.Jakes very expiring teacher on every day life he really is a man of GOD he lift’s spirt and I thank you for that.

  2. Devin Salters

    He says it all!

  3. eljai

    The wisdom that flows through this man and out of his mouth is Awesome! Thank you TD!

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