Video: Bishop TD Jakes – The Faith To Forgive Part 2

sermon notes:
Luke 17
when something is wrong confront it
you will not be able to release what you will not confront
there is a part of everything that hurts you that makes you stronger
there is a part of every hurt that you must get rid of
if you don’t get rid of it, it will make you sick
anger turns into bitterness if you don’t get rid of it
disciple – a disciplined follower
apostle – a higher status of disciple
your gifts can be on an apostolic level
while you ability to cast off offense could be on a kindergarten level
often times adults who are childish in general have been abused
while their body continued to grow their emotions did not
your faith should inform your lifestyle
offenses come on a regular
you need an ongoing system to learn from the offense and move on
faith understands that no weapon formed against me shall prosper

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