Video: Bishop TD Jakes – The Faith To Forgive Part 1

sermon notes:
Matthew 5:8
pure – cathartic or catheter; Greek kathartikos, from kathairein, to purge
blessed are those who have a system that irrigates the impurities out of the heart
the distinction between Joseph and his brothers was his heart
Luke 17:1-2 (NIV)
You don’t have to fight!
to not prepare for an offense is not realistic
the more you have, the more offenses you will incur
your level of being able to deal with offenses determines the level to which God can elevate you


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  1. Nokutula sobuza Avatar
    Nokutula sobuza

    I thank God for your sermons pastor. Every day I listen to your sermons & they give me hope for better things in life. I am really touched by the sermon “The Faith to Forgive” it has made my heart to feel lighter. I’ve been mentally constipated but I thank God for you & you sermons. God bless you & your family for all that you do to touch our lives.

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