Sermon: Bishop TD Jakes – The Ark of the Covenant (Video)

Bishop TD Jakes teaching about The Ark of the Covenant.
sermon notes:
Exodus 25:1 – 10
salvation is not free
Genesis 6:11 – 14
ark pitched or sealed
an ark is designed to preserve something
divine collaboration
God gives us a plan to follow
Genesis 9:18 – 19
Exodus 2:3 – 5


2 responses to “Sermon: Bishop TD Jakes – The Ark of the Covenant (Video)”

  1. Sharlene Avatar

    I want to know how I can hear all the classes on He ark of the covenant from the beginning. I have been praying for a deeper insight of the ark of the covenant and God open this to me. Please let me know how to hear all of this class on this topic. God bless and keep you.

  2. Rev.Dr.Suranjit Bardhan Avatar
    Rev.Dr.Suranjit Bardhan

    Bishop TD Jakes sermons ,teachings etc are very much apprecited.I myself blessed and my church as well.I praise God for that.

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