Saturday, September 23

New Salem Missionary Baptist Church Fight? (Video)

“A fight between two women near the church’s choir section turned into a brawl between the two families, according to a police report. When officers arrived, only three people from the brawl were left and they’re all listed as both suspects and victims.
The police report tells two versions of what happened Sunday.
Police took photos of three church members’ injuries, but the photos haven’t been released.
At the center of the altercation are Beverly Milam, her nemesis Terry Bell, and Bell’s daughter Charra Lumpkin.
Bell and Milam agree on one thing: the fight began with a verbal confrontation at Bible study last Wednesday.
Milam said she told Bell to “stop sleeping with somebody” and then she said Bell got in her face.”
SMH, I know some pastors would say, “think how much worse it could be if they weren’t members of a church”. Makes me wonder if the church is bearing fruit.
Grow in Jesus Christ!

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