Dr. Jamal Bryant – Occupy Wall Street (Video)

Sermon notes:
The black church has been silent about the occupy wall street movement.
There is a call not to be just consumers.
Power concedes nothing without a demand.
Servitude and economic insecurity are the call for the day.
Many of our athletes don’t understand that in this hour they are paid slaves.
What it is that they are getting isn’t even a microcosm reflection of what the plantation is getting.
There average work lively hood will last four years.
30,000 people a day are dying of malnutrition in America;
85% of that number are children.
Farmers are growing enough food to feed the world twice.
Starvation is profitable.
As long as there is a demand, prices go up.
The top 1% nets 27 million per household.
Did God anoint me just to pay bills?
America knows how to manipulate the Bible.
I want to remind you Herman Cain’s of the world that you did not pull yourself up by your own boot straps.
This is the same nation that told Black people that you were 3/5 of a human being.
It was a racist christian gospel that espoused an erroneous christian faith that said that slaves ought to be indebted to their masters.
They didn’t read the next verse that said only for 7 years.
Racist Christians were in charge.

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