The Mr. Kerry Douglas and Brandy B. Show "Overcoming The Past" with Special Guest Deborah Simpson

Deborah Simpson’s new book, No Boundaries is for everyone not just women. Abuse, prostitution and attempted suicide and understanding that God was there all the time. Ms. Simpson states, the very first thing you should do in the morning is Thank God. The way you start your day will determine the way the rest of your day will go.
While I was not familiar with this show previously it is certainly a show that I will listen to again. Both the quality and the content are great. I hope it serves as a blessing to you as well.
Be Blessed,
Kerry Douglas has been the face of the faith based promotions initiative for nearly a quarter of a century and Kerry believes that the vision and journey should be shared with the consumer and the fans. The show will feature an exclusive and inside look into the life of a Christian artist, industry mogul, marketing guru and chart topping writer and how and why the faith based industry is changing. As Dean of The New Deal Entertainment University, Kerry has garnered the keys to success and is determined to use each platform to engage and inform the faith based community.
Joining Kerry on this journey is his longtime friend and VoiceAmerica Network Director Brandy Jackson (also known as “B” by those that know her well). Together they will provide an enlightening and entertaining show to the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel. Listen every Monday at 12 Noon Pacific Time.


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