Pastor Paula White Preaching at Zachery Tims’ New Destiny Christian Center Church (Video)


Pastor Paula White says herself, Bishop I.V. Hilliard, Bishop TD Jakes, Bishop Neil Ellis and Bishop Duncan Williams have been the future of New Destiny Christian Center Church.
Pastor Zachery Tims mother, Madeline Tims was in attendance.

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  1. Tracy King

    Hi. I’m a person who has friends at New Destiny Christian Center, and word on the street is that Paula White is strong arming her way as the new installed pastor there. This is not just a rumor! You can go on Twitter and see people already congratulating her as the new pastor. I’m very concerned because Paula White has been in scandal after scandal and this smells like money greed because the church is financially free and have money built up. Also, they were looking for a strong married couple but now it’s going to be a twice divorced woman who was dating Pastor Ricky Hawkins who was caught in phone sex with his members that was all over the news! I also heard that they chose someone and Paula stepped in afterwards and said she wanted to be pastor. Also, Bishop Hilliard has stepped down from board and choosing a new pastor for New Destiny. I wonder why? Hmmm. I wonder what her spiritual father TD Jakes has to say about this. Don’t believe me if you want, but check for yourself. Here’s typical Paula White about to scam more people and this time it’s people who are hurting from their pastor dying who’s death is still a mystery. And one last thing, what kind of lack of integrity does the church board have for allowing this to happen? I hope the people stand up and get a lawyer and sue her and the church board. This is not right. Just not right. 

    1. temitope akinrinola

      Good day to you sir.

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