2011 Book List: Reading With Jesus Teaching Your 4 Year Old How To Read Before Kindergarten (DVD and Books)

READING WITH JESUS – You Can Teach Your 4 or 5 Year Old Child To Read In 90 Days, is a fun, powerful and easy- to- use tool for the entire family! THIS IS A GENERATIONAL BLESSING! Parents are teaching their precious 4 and 5 Year Old Children to read in 90 Days! IT ONLY TAKES 15 MINUTES OF YOUR DAY! This effective tool is designed so that educators and non-educators can implement with confidence! To order the step-by-step audio instructional compact disk with the delightful Alphabet Song and Lullaby Based on The Word of God, email Rev. Dr. Carol McIlwain Edwards at teaching1reading@gmail.com
About the Author
Rev. Dr. Carol McIlwain Edwards is the second of four children of Mr. Ivy McIlwain and Dr. Clara Evans McIlwain.Dr. Carol is a recipient of the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree, a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Management, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education. She is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, an encourager, a woman who is determined to wipe out the spirit of illiteracy from our generations while pointing families to Jesus Christ, The Lord working with her. Rev. Dr. Carol has been trailblazing for over 20 years training parents to teach their precious little ones to read “With Jesus”! MOTTO: Be An Encourager! At an early age, The Lord placed in Dr. Carol a concern for the under-achieving student and she understood the importance of children getting a good start in school. During her career, The Lord expanded and assisted her ministry from pre-school aged children to college students and senior citizens. She found that the “good start for school” begins in the home. In 1986, The Holy Spirit let her know that when children learn to read, they should learn to read “With The Word Of God” so they will not be deceived by the many voices in the world – The “better idea”. The “better idea” is READING WITH JESUS You Can Teach Your 4 or 5 Year Old Child To Read In 90 Days!


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