Pastor William Boss Recalls Being Shot in the Head While Kneeling in Prayer (Video)

Pastor William Boss was shot in the head as he kneeled in prayer at Greater Faith Christian Church in Lakeland, Fl. A week later he was back in church and even addressed the congregation at Sunday service.
He told them the fact that he was walking, talking, and able to form sentences was nothing short of a miracle.
“This too will pass. Pray for me,” he said. “I’m in pain, I’m in agony, but the Lord said He would deliver you in trouble.”
Boss quoted scripture several times while speaking for the first time about Jeremiah Fogle’s violent rampage. The 57-year-old Fogle, is accused of murdering his wife then walking down the block to the Greater Faith Christian Church.
The motive? Pastor Boss says he has no idea.
“None whatsoever. And if I may comment, again – I forgive him.”
The pastor says somehow, he was able to stand, walk through the church and down a hallway to a telephone where he called 911.
“And said, ‘My name is William Boss and I have been shot.'”
Back inside, congregants wrestled Fogle to the ground. Assistant Pastor, Carl Stewart, shot in the chest, remains hospitalized but Boss says Stewart is expected to recover.
Pastor Boss says he still has trouble sleeping. He’s admittedly emotionally scarred by the shootings.
Physically, he still deals with persistent headaches as well, but considering the alternative – “What I went through? A headache is all right,” laughs the Pastor. “God is healing me.”
Pastor Boss has not yet returned to the pulpit. He says he’s waiting for God’s inspiration to tell him when the time is right to share with his congregation what he calls the miracle of his life.
“And I’m just truly grateful and thankful for the hand of God,” he says.
Asked what he believes would happen to Jeremiah Fogle, Pastor Boss says that decision is now in the hands of the judicial system and God.

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