Le'Andria Johnson – Jesus (Official Lyric Video and mp3 download)

Lyrics: Le’Andria Johnson – Jesus
Look at myself in the mirror
Religion looking back at me
I threw my hands in the air
And the law arrested me
Girl Interrupted I needed to break out and get freedom
One bad decision after the next
Just getting by, letting you figure me
Jesus call him when you want Him
call Him when you need Him
But Jesus yeah Jesus yeah
Jesus oh Jesus
Curses unbroken still holding me down, Bondage
I was even thinking I wasn’t good enough for God’s best
But I am in my closet,yes I am, I am in my closet,
time after time
Praying Jesus singing Jesus crying Jesus
Jesus call Him when you want him (Call Him)
call Him when you need Him (oh call Him Jesus)
There is no other like Him in my life
Religion died in my life, yeah
call him when you want Him (Call Him)
call him when you need Him
You gotta get down on your knees and call on Jesus
I dare you, I dare you to think of one thing
And testify to yourself
Our Father Jesus
Which art in Heaven Jesus
Hallowed be thy name Jesus
Thy kingdom come Jesus
No no no other name Jesus
oh, lord Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus oh my God
call Him when you want Him
call Him when you need Him
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